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  1. Tom

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    Looking for multi purpose in-ears. Don't want to spend over 50 (I know that limits me a lot). Will use them for listening to music outside the house and gaming competitively. Any suggestions?
  2. Damien Davies

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    Recommended by this website.

    One of the reviews "The Wirecutter called these the best headphones under $30 (Nov 2013), and they were not kidding. These are the most comfortable earbuds I have ever tried, they stay put during activity, and the sound is clear and full."
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  3. Deanna

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    Also use these and have no complaints about them.
  4. Corey Long

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    I have to second Jason, Bluetooth is just not my preferred way to listen to music. The other problem is if you ever watch a video using Bluetooth, it'll lag. I've also just not had good experiences with Bluetooth reliablilty lately.

    The only time I recommend Bluetooth is for workout headphones, but I understand not everyone can have different headphones for different situations. So if you had to choose one type of headphone I'd go with wired. It's just more versatile.
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  5. mklawans


    ha, I literally came to this thread to ask for any good in-ear headphone recommendations. I will be trying this out, thanks!
  6. omgrawr

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    I have a pair of Bowers & Wilkins P7 headphones. I got them with reward points I get through work on a system called Performance Plus or I never would've been able to afford them haha. They're a $400 pair of headphones and they are pretty amazing. I hear things I've never noticed in songs I've been listening to for years. They're also great with games and movies. My only complaint is sometimes my ears and head get hot after a while of use.

  7. Corey Long

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    Here are my recs, note these are all over-ear as I think in-ear are supremely uncomfortable and on-ear let's too much noise escape.

    Stationary Listening:
    Blue MoFi: $349.99; Blue Lola: $249.99

    The MoFi has an amp built in which just makes your music soar. The Lola is less heavy with no amp, but still has great sound (sounds the same as MoFi with the amp turned off). [​IMG]

    On the Move
    Masters and Dynamic MH40s: $399.99

    The MH40s are awesome. Super comfortable and still compact enough to use on the go. I use these mostly at work or when I'm riding the train. They sound amazing.
  8. demo

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    NI has a bunch of these vids up with different artists, watching this one right now. reaktor is such a useful tool.
  9. St. Nate

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    so my work computer's audio output is butt. anyone have any ideas for a better sound?
  10. StephenRocks81


    Maybe this is the best thread to ask about a good mic setup to record with the built in webcam on my Mac. I've used a USB mic, but now the IMOVIE software only has mono sound for it, and well that sounds horrible. I know there's the old idea of recording the sound in garageband and just using that audio in the video, but it would be nice to do it all in one take. Should I get a mic for the focusrite interface I have and use that to record the audio while doing a video?
  11. Corey Long

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    I haven't heard of iMovie only having mono sound. That doesn't sound right. You should be able to use the isight camera on the mac with any USB mic. You can always use software like Call Recorder to pair with Skype and Facetime or just use a conferencing tool like which allows you to do that out of the box.
  12. StephenRocks81


    I don't know when things changed for that, but they definitely did change something up because I've recorded a few tests, and I only hear the sound coming out of one speaker. I've tried to read up more on it, and people have stated the same thing. It just sucks because I want to make little movies with my webcam and thought this USB mic would help make the sound better.
  13. Deanna

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    My AKG K551s don't need a headphone amp but I'm still curious, does anyone here use one and if so, do you recommend it?
  14. Micool1

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    I rarely use headphones and I try to stay away from bluetooth since the quality is diminished, but I wanted wireless headphones for workouts. Got a pair of Wireless PowerBeats2 headphones at Staples for 99$ instead of 220$ (I'm in Canada) because the box was not at the right spot on the shelf.
  15. St. Nate

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    I could use an amp for my work computer actually. The output is wanting.
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  16. Miller304

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    Apple standard issue headphones. These things are lit.
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  17. Tyler

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  18. cryates

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    Now days I care more about convenience than having the highest audio quality possible. That said, I'm trying these Earin wireless earbuds.

    Sound quality is really good considering what they are. Need more time with them, but it is very nice having zero wires.
  19. fifpb99

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    Just got some Sennheiser 598SE's. They sounded like shit through my PC's onboard sound, so I bought the Fiio E10k dac/amp as well and now it sounds amazing. Hearing details in some of my favorite songs that I either couldn't hear before, and they are super comfortable. Great for gaming too. It was about time I made the jump to a nice pair of headphones.
  20. wisdomfordebris Jul 22, 2016
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    I ordered Sennheiser M2s a little bit ago but I'm concerned they aren't the right ones. For some reason, the over-ear Ivory ones for Apple devices are only $209 on Amazon when it looks like they should be AT LEAST $299?

    Edit: fuck it, canceled and spent a little more and got Oppo PM-3. Audiophilia, here I come.
  21. wisdomfordebris

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    Fuck yeah, these Oppo PM-3s are great. Can't wait to try them through the portable headphone amp.
  22. Jake Gyllenhaal

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    Can anyone recommend a decent Sony CD player? I just need something I can hook up to my Sony receiver. I don't need one with speakers and looking for something under the $100 range.
  23. adrian

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    Any recommendations on bookshelf speakers? Nothing too crazy or expensive, just a pair that would look nice on a bookshelf/dresser. I want to buy Chromecast Audio and plug it into these speakers for Spotify and podcasts.
  24. Deanna

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    Not sure how I missed this, but I have some Polk T15s that I like. They're speaker cable only, though. But if you want to use Chromecast Audio check out Mackie speakers or some Yamaha ones.
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  25. armistice

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    Paradigm Shift A2s
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