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Audio Equipment Thread (Headphones/Microphones/Speakers, etc.)

Discussion in 'Technology Forum' started by Melody Bot, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. Melody Bot

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    Audio Equipment Thread (Headphones/Microphones/Speakers, etc.)
  2. atlastitsok


    think we need to get a thread going on this! One of my favorite things is sitting down with a good set of headphones and losing myself in the music. Took me a while to dive into headphones but it quickly became an expensive hobby (and I'm a novice!). Currently rocking senheiser 650s.

    What do you all use to listen to music? What's your listening are look like?
  3. sean_rugy

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    currently using my Bose OTE headphones and that's pretty much all I have. definitely looking to upgrade soon, just not sure with what...
  4. LukeColdBlue

    "I can't believe I ate the whole thing",

    Has anyone had any experience with the Dash by Bragi? I've read a lot of mixed reviews and am a bit skeptical on the first release going off the inconsistent feedback given by the early backers.
  5. atlastitsok


    ive been tracking those (and some other similar ones). would love to have a nice pair of wireless earbuds for when i am out and about or doing something physical.
  6. Lindsay M

    drunk on the radio waves

    Oooh I love talking about headphones. I have three pair in my current rotation: Klipsch S4i (sound good but are kind of uncomfortable), a random pair of Aiaiai earbuds found for like $20 that I LOVE and hope to have forever, and Sony MDR V6 over-ear headphones. We also have a pair of AudioTechnica ATH-M50s at home that technically belong to my boyfriend, but I prefer them (slightly) over my Sonys.

    Would be interested in upgrading sometime soon but not sure to what.
  7. Damien Davies

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    I have Sennheiser HD558s which I have owned for close to 4 years now, and a pair of HD280Pros which I have owned for 18 months.

    I use my 558s more, but I prefer the closed model headphone, so when I replace the 558s, it is likely that I will get a second closed model rather than a replacement open model.
  8. Deanna Apr 5, 2016
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    I snagged some AKG 551s for about $100 so I have those at my desk. I also got a free pair of Onkyo ES models. Not sure the exact model number, but both are super comfortable. Otherwise for in ears I just use some Panasonic RPTCM125K ones.
  9. devenstonow


    Is the ATHLP60 really THAT bad? I'm not some super audiophile, but I bought one and once I got the speed adjusted it sounds just fine (setup is Yamaha receiver and ELAC bookshelf speakers). Considering upgrading to Uturn Orbit, but don't really wanna drop the money after having the LP60 for ~2 weeks.
  10. I got a pair of Sennheiser HD202s that I got for free in college. They hurt my ears if I use them for too long, but they sound okay. I normally use my apple earbuds. I know nothing about headphones.
  11. Tyler

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    These have been my jam since 2005.
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  12. PatRFinley

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    Heres a weird question. I don't have a regular 3.5mm jack on my receiver to plug my headphones into, theres only a 6.3mm. So I was wondering, does anyone know of any good converters that I would be able to plug my 3.5mm into? Or a way to set up a bluetooth receiver? I'm basically trying to connect my Beats Studio Wireless' to my receiver.
  13. Don't you only need something like this?
  14. PatRFinley

    Early Onset Grump LFGM Supporter

    Yup, thats exactly what I need. Unless someone has a way I can do this wirelessly. I should really try looking things up myself once in a while haha.
  15. You'll get way better quality not going wireless.
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  16. PatRFinley

    Early Onset Grump LFGM Supporter

    You're right. But sometimes Im in the room over and wanna listen to records, so wireless is the only option.
  17. My experience with Bluetooth is that a room over is gonna suck if you're trying to go to bluetooth headphones. Unless you wanna put wireless speakers throughout and use wifi. Sonos is relatively expensive but probably the best.
  18. PatRFinley

    Early Onset Grump LFGM Supporter

    Yeah that makes sense. But the walls are thin and have two small holes for fans. IDK, it'd be worth a shot at least. A lot of times I find myself wanting to listen to records while the GF takes naps (she does this a lot), so I'm trying to find a way to do that without moving my whole set up.
  19. The highest rated one on Amazon is this one. I am not a Bluetooth fan. Haha. Why not just plugin to an iPhone?
  20. PatRFinley

    Early Onset Grump LFGM Supporter

    Thats usually what I do, but if I'm gonna listen to the whole album, and I have it on vinyl, I'd definitely prefer that.
  21. armistice

    Captain Vietnam: Bestower of Tumors

    I would definitely suggest this. Rip the vinyl to a wav (or w/e if TBs aren't your thing). Throw 320 or lossless on the iPhone and run the 30-pin or lightning to a usb dac and then amp it. Otherwise just run the copper. Even if it's a psychological machination, analog listening is different than digital listening.
  22. Damien Davies

    Idk Maybe Supporter

    Looking at buying a pair of SoundMagic HP100s - Anybody got any experience with them? Are they good, are they worth the price?
  23. Damien Davies

    Idk Maybe Supporter

    Do you find you need an amplified aource for them? And is that the 250 or 80 ohm version??
  24. I have a pair of ATH-M50 with the coiled cord. They seem decent but I don't have anything to compare them to since they are my first "professional" headphones.
  25. Tyler

    Regular Supporter

    80 ohm version and nope.