Attic Abasement - Dream News Album

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by nothingsforeverdude, Mar 6, 2016.

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    very good album

    very silly label person
  3. cwhit

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    will always remember f/d records as the label that mistook automated spam leak links for an actual leak, then went on a twitter rant about scumbag music writers who leak records /shrug
  6. nfdv2 Supporter

    i love the split with nod a lot and maintain that it's some of the strongest pop songwriting to come from this niche of the ~scene~ but this album had basically no staying power for me, think i listened to it twice
  7. Zac Djamoos

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    i oughta check out this band
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  8. nfdv2 Supporter

    check out the split w/ nod!! a lot more interesting and moving than this record imo
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  9. Zac Djamoos

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    It's on my list as of now!