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Atomic Blonde (David Leitch,July 28th 2017) Movie • Page 3

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by iCarly Rae Jepsen, Feb 22, 2017.

  1. Nathan

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    Anyone saying this "copied" John Wick knows it's the same director, right?
  2. PensHockey


    ahhh did not realize that
  3. secretsociety92

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    Well he co-directed it but yes I did. Like I said though it goes for a more physical approach than either the John Wick films, a lot less gunplay throughout.
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  4. Dog with a Blog


    i did not like this very much
  5. aoftbsten

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    Finally got around to seeing this. I wish I had seen it in theaters. Watching it at home (and the distractions that come with that) took me out of it slightly at times. Overall I enjoyed it. The action scenes were as good as expected. Charlize and McAvoy were great. But I did find the plot to be a little too convoluted (even for a spy film).
  6. I started this the other night and thought it was decent, I need to finish it this week.
  7. marceting


    Now on HBO if anyone wants to watch
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  8. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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  9. Serh

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  10. Yesss! I loved this movie. Excited for a sequel.
  11. Serh

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    really sucks the first one didn't light enough people aflame to get the sequel on the big screen. even still, i don't know how excited i'd be for this regardless. they likely won't have the coldest city comic - the source material - to draw from this time around. hope they have a plan
  12. Tim

    whatever happened to the man of tomorrow Prestigious

    If it has the same dope tone & the same dope lead, it’ll still be dope.
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  13. Serh

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  14. I Am Mick

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    hell yeah
  15. Serh

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    first one underrated af
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  16. still one of my favorite movies of the last couple years! can't wait for a sequel
  17. Serh

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  18. Henry

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