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Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by tdlyon, Mar 30, 2016.

  1. Serenity Now

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    This news just peachy.

    (Submitted while in ATL airport)
  2. Serh

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    I am rather concerned for how everyone's burgeoning careers are gonna affect the production of this show. Fifth season could be an even steeper wait for all we know
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  3. AWasteOfATime


    I feel like it will end in the 4th season.
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  4. incognitojones Supporter

    I felt like robbin season set up a theme that felt dropped by the end of the season. But it was such a great arc from a character standpoint and leagues above the first season. I’ll take any more of this show that they want to do.
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  5. Rowan5215

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    best show on TV. also feeling s4 could well be the last (and blessed we got that many honestly)
  6. tdlyon

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    I'll be surprised if it's not, Donald himself talks about how he likes it when things end all the time, and if this went to 5 seasons it would be the longest he'd ever stuck with a TV show (though this one is his own to be fair)
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  7. Rowan5215

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    yeah burnout from writing, producing and acting his own show would be a different ballgame from just exhaustion from acting in Community I think (I know he wrote jokes for Community too)
  8. It's LaKeith Stanfield's 28th birthday today.

    Wait. Yo. I turned 28 six days ago. I'm older than him? What the fuck.