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    During the TSA scene we weren't actually able to see Earn do the switch, were we? Because that's obviously what they were going for but at the same time the way it was shot made it look like he didn't remove it from his bag and just put the bag in the bin, so I was confused for a minute
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  3. enlliac

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    Everything about this episode was pretty perfect. I cant wait until next season. The ending bit with Tracy was great too. I was wondering where he was the entire time
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    This season was much more interesting imo. Though it doesn’t matter cuz this has now become my favorite currently airing show.

    So that gun was Al’s right? Also I was confused when he said “I saw what you did.”, but then he was surprised when he found out Earn switched the gun?
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    it's the gun from the first episode that Earn's uncle gives to him when the police are outside
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    Oh yeah duh lol
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    Idk how I forgot that
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    So we think Clark threw Luke under the bus or Luke took the bullet? Think its gotta be the former.
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    I think Al probably saw Earn take the gun out of his bag and put it into another one, but Luke did pass up his bag earlier, so Al probably thought it was Clark’s and was happy because he felt like Earn took out Al’s competition. That’s why Al’s expression changed completely when Clark said that they found a gun in Luke’s bag. Earn didn’t help Al, he helped himself
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    I don’t think Al knew the gun was in Clark’s bag into Earn told him
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    Yeah Al couldn't have moved the gun, Earn put it in Clark's bag and his manager probably took the fall. Only other option is Clark through him under the bus, but that seems less likely.

    What I didn't notice earlier, and it may have been obvious, but the two conversations about the Jewish lawyer in the parking lot and in the Jewish passport office about a black lawyer being able to be just as good, but lacking the needed connections to really succeed, was a conversation about Earn. Al is indirectly telling him that he can't be good enough to get him what he needs, and the other guy very honestly says that there are just some things that Earn will never have access to. And the placing of the gun really identifies what Earn is able to bring to the table that another manager wouldn't be able to do.
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    Throughout the season it was shown that Clark is actually a super sketchy dude underneath his super positive and fun image. I fully assumed he threw his manager under the bus
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    Finale was great. I’d have to go back and watch season one, but I think I enjoyed this season more overall.
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    Honestly I’m just so happy a show like this exists, and has two of my favorite up and coming actors on it(Lakeith, BTH).

    BTH should be nominated for an Emmy with this season.
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    Rewatching the finale and noticed a few things in the Jewish passport office:
    - There's a guy behind Darius and Earn eavesdropping on their "how do you piss" conversation
    - The background on Earn's phone is the picture of his mom and uncle from S02E01
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    The question of whether Clark threw his manager under the bus or the manager took the fall can have huge ramifications on where Earn and Al's relationship goes from here. If Clark threw the manager under the bus, then Earn's last-minute decision to try and get Clark arrested so Al got to headline the tour (and Al's restored faith in Earn as a manager) is preserved.

    If the manager took the fall voluntarily, however, and Al finds out about it, well then he really needs to reconsider his decision. I highly doubt Earn would've done the same thing for Al, considering how precarious his situation is with Van and Lottie. And Al probably knows that. Meaning Clark's manager starts to seem even more like the better option for him moving forward. So we'll have to see if that ambiguity gets resolved if we ever get season 3.
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    Those tweets don’t load for me from the last page. What do they say?
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    First one was something relating to being canceled and the second one said they were skipping season 3 I think.
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    something I'm also thinking Al kinda needs Earn who understands Al's temperament, like think of all the shit Clark's manager would make him do which he doesn't want to do, and we all see how pissy Al can be if he doesn't want to do things
    like Earn is definitely too chill and doesn't have the right connections but Al also isn't really a networker either
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    I think that’s part of what Al was trying to get across on the plane. The whole “we’re family” line isn’t just bullshit - they genuinely do understand each other in a way that no business relationship ever could
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    uhhh, good username
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    Thnx buddy
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    Definitely assumed Clark threw the manager under the bus, I didn't even think of the taking the fall angle actually. The stuff about the two scenarios having two very different ramifications is super interesting

    I'm assuming S3 won't show any of Europe though. Probably won't even directly address it, I'm thinking there'll probably be a time jump
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    I'd like to see some cool Europe episodes like Master of None season 2.
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    They should rename the show Europe and the whole season is there