AT&T Says It’ll Stop Selling Your Location Data

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    After a report earlier this week that the location of almost every phone in the United States could be bought, the carriers are saying they’ll stop doing that:

    AT&T said Thursday it will stop selling its customers’ location data to third-party service providers after a report this week said the information was winding up in the wrong hands.

    The announcement follows sharp demands by federal lawmakers for an investigation into the alleged misuse of data.

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    "We're sorry we got caught."
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    So what’s Verizon’s take on this? “Cool! More people will want OUR data!” ?
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    Another in the long list of businesses that take the information we’re giving them for a specific purpose, and then frivolously gives it to [???].

    Who’s buying the data?
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    I don’t understand why I get so surprised and upset that companies are doing this to us. I know business has no respect for people or privacy, but the “yeah we took it, what you gonna do about it?” feeling of helplessness against a faceless corporation is deeply unsettling.

    Companies that participate in unsavory practices like this should be strongly reprimanded and overseen thereafter. Alas, a simple fine and hollow apology, if that, will be issued and we’ll continue to live in ignorance. The tide goes in, the tide goes out.

    I like to think I configure my apps and devices to share only what is necessary, and this sometimes lessens my experience. When you see that the service you rely on for communication is selling you out for as little as $5, what’s the point of trying to protect what little privacy you thought you had? I’m not so naive to think if you’re on the internet you’re not exposed in some way, but when your stuff is freely handed out to sketchy actors (whether directly or through a chain), it makes you throw up your hands.
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    Absolutely, but instead it gets twisted that governments need to bend over backwards to accommodate big businesses at risk of job loss.
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