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AT&T Home Internet starts their new monthly usage cap today

Discussion in 'Technology Forum' started by fronkensteen, May 24, 2016.

  1. fronkensteen


  2. dylan

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    And I'm over here with google fiber like:girlhand:
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  3. fronkensteen


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  4. devenstonow May 24, 2016
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    And I'm over here with Comcast like:girlhand:?
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  5. Dirty Sanchez

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    Damn and Charter are getting rid of their cap.
  6. mattfki5g May 24, 2016
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    Considering I have no cap specifically for having a UVerse cable package with them, this seems directly targeted to those going without cable.

    I know Time Warner gets a bad rep (Deservedly), but I was tricked into switching to ATT by my apartment complex after they told me TW services were being cut off from the complex. I then learned from TW as I was turning in my equipment that it was untrue and illegal for them to suggest it as cable lines are public domain. So it seems like ATT worked a deal with my apartment complex for some kind of kickback for all tenants who switched to ATT.

    I wouldn't be as upset about it if ATT offered similar speeds and prices for their internet, but now I'm paying the same monthly fee for slower internet, on top of potentially having a data cap if I wanted to cancel my cable. Needless to say I'm moving out of this complex after my lease is up for being apart of something so shady.
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  7. Deanna

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    Haha. Good thing my parents are switching from AT&T to Time Warner I guess. Also, insane that with UVerse, they only offered up to 18 mbps. Time Warner is offering 50 mbps for like $25 less right now and they don't force you to use their equipment.
  8. Brenden

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    Time Warner Cable is the devil. I hate them so much. Worst company to deal with. Just raise my bill just cause. Charge me a monthly fee for my modem, remote, cable box on top of the actual service fees.
  9. Brenden

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    Is Google Fiber as good as it sounds? Raleigh is supposed to get it. I hope it comes to my area but I'm probably to much in the suburbs to get it.
  10. Deanna

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    We only got TWC for internet and we're using equipment I had so thankfully we don't have extra fees. My parents went with Dish for TV since we had them before. AT&T had jacked up the prices so much that it was ridiculous. It was like $60 for 18mpbs internet and the modern would restart itself randomly and screw things up.
  11. dylan

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    It's amazing. I've only had it a couple months, but there hasn't been an outage, I haven't had to reset the modem for any problems, and speeds have been consistent since day 1. On wifi 5ghz channel I get around 4-500mbs up/down. Hardwired is 980 up/down. I play a lot of fps games online and my ping is always <20ms. I've downloaded soooo many movies, entire tv series, discographies in minutes, if not seconds, via torrents.