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Ash vs Evil Dead (Starz) TV Show

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by Joe, Jul 6, 2016.

  1. Season 2 teaser just dropped, so I thought I'd make a thread.

    Series synopsis
    Stars Bruce Campbell, Dana DeLorenzo, Ray Santiago, and Lucy Lawless.

    Season 2 synopsis
    Along with the returning cast, S2 will introduce Lee Majors as Ash's dad, Ted Raimi as his childhood friend, and Michelle Hurd as his high school sweetheart.

    Returns this October.
  2. Jusscali

    Synth-Bop Enthusiast Prestigious

    I didn't finish s1...the novelty wore off real quick for me
  3. tucah

    not champ Prestigious

    I was so excited for more Evil Dead and I can't even remember if I finished the season or not.
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  4. It was entertaining, I'll continue to watch.
  5. first season was great. excited for season two!
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  6. Kid Cudi premiered the trailer for the new season. Looks like fun.

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  7. Anyone watch the season 2 premiere of this yet? Thought it was good. One of my favorite shows on TV right now.
  8. It was great. So. Much. Blood.
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  9. Driving2theBusStation


    The first episode of s1 was perfect, and the last one was pretty dang good too. Couldn't get into some of the episodes though. S1 definitely has its moments, but felt a little too far from what I loved about ED2 and AOD. The first half of this next season will determine if I continue watching.
  10. I loved all of last season really. I'm a die hard fan of this though so idk I'm a little biased. And I'm someone who likes Army of Darkness the most (although this series will likely top everything really).

    Another cool thing about Army of Darkness, they are FINALLY allowed to mention the events and connect that movie to this series, which I think will really allow this show to expand even further.
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  11. Loving the second season so far.
  12. OhTheWater

    Let it run Supporter

    Need to finish S1
  13. Omg that last episode lol
  14. angel paste

    grey hairs, get out of me zoots! Prestigious

    the morgue scene was so foul wtf
  15. Allpwrtoslaves


    Wow they fucking botched the S2 finale hard. And after reading that AV club interview with the showrunner who basically quit after Rob Tapert last minute completely changed the finale over essentially a petty power struggle, really makes me worry about the future despite how much love I have for this show. The original S2 ending they wrote is so much better, and they legitimately left breadcrumbs all over the season building up to what I'm assuming is now an abandoned plotline.

    Hopefully the new showrunner will be able to keep some of the magic

    I've also decided that now that they've returned to the future, if they are abandoning the Kelly is Ash's fucked up time travel daughter, they should follow up on Sam and Bruce's original idea to bring the two worlds of Evil Dead together, Ash, and the girl from the reboot. The reboot was good in its own kind of way, and I think Ash having to face that maybe he's not the big prophecized hero, and was just the nexy guy in line to deal with the book would provide immense drama for the show to mine. Imagine a season where Ash essentially starts to feel like a sidekick now that Kelly and Pablo start treating this new girl is has just freshly dealt with the horrors of the book as a new leader.

    Idk it always seemed like an interesting idea since that "Groovy" teaser at the end of the reboot. Especially if there's chance they still want to go down the Ash's successor line.
  16. angel paste

    grey hairs, get out of me zoots! Prestigious

    damn that would of been a much better finale, producers are the WORST
  17. ghostedaway

    bryan Prestigious

    Yeah I want Jane Levy in this so bad
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  18. Davjs


    I really liked the ending of Season 2, but after reading what it could have been makes me want that instead. I still think this is one of the more enjoyable shows currently on TV. The wait for season 2 from 1 didn't seem too long to me, hopefully time flys again for 3.
  19. Kuri44


    Just started watching this show yesterday, and it’s a stupid crazy fun time. I just finished season1 episode 8 and I think the latter half has been more enjoyable
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  20. Davjs


    The first half of season 2 is where I had the most fun. You're in for a ride!
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  21. Kuri44


    Just finished the S2 finale and then read the A.V. Club interview and was relieved to find out that I’m not stupid, and that this episode was a mess. I kept rewinding cause I thought I missed important parts and finally just said “fuck it. If i get it, I get it. And if I don’t, hopefully Season 3 will make more sense.”

    However, I guess I am quite neutral on which direction to go. The original finale idea obviously made more sense, was more thought out, had more depth, the list goes on. But all throughout S2, i found myself wishing that it could be scarier at times (I know ED series isn’t scary, but I thought the first 2 movies had a weirder and creepier vibe) I think a lot of those elements went out the window, and based on the showrunner who stepped down, it seemed like he wanted to keep going down the overly comedic route. But, on the other hand, he definitely seemed to have been more diplomatic during his time there and I could’ve seen them balancing it out, Shame.

    Anyways, still looking forward to S3. I definitely like that they don’t take it too serisously, but I also think they could benefit from taking a slower approach, and letting some suspense do the work and then, BOOM, madness. One thing like agout the old school horror movies is that sometimes less is more. Ok I’m rambling now.
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  22. Davjs


    I remember my favorite ep from season 2 is the processed car. Some brutal kills. I also think the season finale was weak, but I thought the same as season 1 too. Can't wait for season 3.
  23. Feb 25.

  24. I can't remember if I finished season 2 or not...what happens?
  25. Your Milkshake

    Prestigious Prestigious

    Finally got around to watching this. Almost done with season 1. It kinda sucks... : /