Art Alexakis Announces Solo Album

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    Art Alexakis, the frontman of Everclear, will release his debut solo album, Sun Songs, on October 11th.

    Art Alexakis, the charismatic frontman of the multi-platinum rock band Everclear, has announced his debut solo album, Sun Songs. Due out on October 11th via The End Records/BMG, the long-awaited solo record marks a new chapter in the legendary frontman’s career, as he explores sounds, styles and lyrical subjects outside the normal realm of Everclear. In support, Alexakis will embark on a solo tour, including select US, UK and Ireland dates, this October. See below for a full list of dates. Tickets go on sale this Friday, August 16th at 10AM Eastern Time. For more information, please visit:
    While Art Alexakis has always been the driving force behind Everclear, his solo work finally offers him an opportunity to create music solely on his own, without any preconceived notion or collaborative influence as to what it should sound like. On his debut solo album Sun Songs, Alexakis shares, “For the most part, it’s an acoustic singer-songwriter type of album. It’s not about making another Everclear record; it’s about doing something that’s just me.”

    Creating outside of the Everclear realm has given Alexakis the chance to explore styles and sounds that don’t necessarily work for his band. His solo work will push the boundaries of what to expect from an Art Alexakis composition, as he cites everything from classic country to hip hop, to the great acoustic singer-songwriters of the 1970’s as major influences for this record. “I’m pushing my ability and pushing the envelope, and having fun at the same time,” Alexakis continues. “I’ve always wanted to do something like this.”

    The long-awaited solo record ultimately comes at a time of transition in Alexakis’ life. After announcing his Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis earlier this year, the formidable songwriter is in the most honest and vulnerable place he has ever been.

    Track Listing

    1. Sunshine Love Song
    2. California Blood
    3. A House With A Pool
    4. Orange
    5. The Hot Water Test
    6. Arizona Star
    7. Look At Us Now
    8. White People Scare Me
    9. Sing Away
    10. Line In The Sand
    11. A Seat At The Table

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    "he cites everything from classic country to hip hop"

    I demand to know where his Old Town Road cover is, then.
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    Always interested in what Art puts out
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    Woah, I didn't know that. Sorry to hear it.
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    "So Much for the Afterglow" still holds up as a 90s classic. I bought that and 3EB self-titled at a Blockbuster; 2 for $5. I played both of those records into the ground. May check this out if my backlog allows for it
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