Ariana Grande Tops the Charts

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    Ariana Grande has the number one album in the country this week:

    The set, which was released on Aug. 17 via Republic Records, starts with 231,000 equivalent album units earned in the week ending Aug. 23, according to Nielsen Music. Of that sum, 127,000 are from traditional album sales.

  2. quietwords

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    Looks like Death Cab missed the top ten. :-/
  3. Around ~14. 23k sps/ 19k sold.
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  4. fbrrocks


    I bought my copy ASAP when this came out Friday morning
  5. tyramail

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    Good for her. I’m really liking the album.
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  6. joe.boy.fresh.


    Her voice is incredible. This album is incredible. Hopefully people stop writing her off as a Nickelodeon star, and give her the credit she deserves.
  7. Orla


    Mitski at #52!
  8. Kiana

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    Tbh I forget she was on nick. Prob mostly cause her shows were after my time. And it prob helps that she doesn't look like the same person anymore. But I feel like she's actually transitioned rly well and I don't rly see nick brought up in the convo about her
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    @Jason Tate Am I wrong, or do you need to update your IOS version?

    Edit: Maybe that's not it, but I keep seeing random capital 'I's.
  10. Not sure what this is in reference to.
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    It was a random capital I in the middle of "ArIana", which I noticed on another article the other day, but it's gone now so. Thought it might be a weird auto-correct issue.
  12. Hmm. I don’t see it here. That may be something on your end? I’ll double check but I don’t see the capital letter and didn’t change this article either.
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    Ah, I guess Chrome just shows the bold typeface with no space between so it seems like an uppercase I. It's at 100% zoom, so I'm not sure if anyone else sees it that way. Anyway, sorry to take over a news post with something completely off topic.

  14. No worries. Very weird. Wtf Chrome. That’s a strange rendering of that type.

    It should be much more defined:

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    Well, I couldn't get it to reproduce on my Pixel 2 or Surface Pro, but happening on both Firefox and Chrome on my 1080p work monitor. Not sure. Here's it at 80, 90, 100, 110% on Chrome and Firefox at 1080p, if it's helpful. Could just be my machine.

  16. Haha, I am inclined to blame Windows or something.
  17. Drew Beringer

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    always blame windows
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