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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by mad, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. SPine


    Is it available somewhere?
  2. Fronnyfron

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    I found the dripped song online....not sure about the actual release date
  3. Barresi

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    Pretty sure it’s tomorrow.
  4. Serenity Now

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    Confirmed. Song has the word "ether" in the lyrics. The only "SciFi 101" term missing from entire album. Perfect.
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  5. waking season

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    Just bumping to say I absolutely adore this record. Listening on a rainy spring night like tonight is an instant trip to this time last year.
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  6. cherrywaves


    I'll have to give it another chance. I have had no desire to come back to this since the weekend after it dropped
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  7. Cameron

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    I was actually just about to listen to this again.

    Hard to believe it’s been a year
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  8. Bane

    The spiciest meme

    Still top 3 album in their discog for me
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  9. unbornwhiskey


    this is the best album in the world
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  10. ComedownMachine

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    One year later and it’s still impossible for me to rank it with their other albums haha
  11. my fave of theirs
    title track is an all timer
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  12. This is still legit.
  13. mattylikesfilms


    While I enjoy some tracks - I still find this pretty underwhelming as the 5 year wait for a follow up to AM.
  14. phaynes12

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    nah, it’s easily my favorite of theirs and i’ve loved them forever
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  15. waking season

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    I think it’s my favorite of theirs too, at the very least it’s top 3. It’s hands down my most listened to Arctic Monkeys album over the past year.
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  16. unbornwhiskey


    the lyrics are all fucking incredible
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  17. RobbieBerns

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    definitely my favorite of theirs
  18. phaynes12

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    probably gonna be near the top of my decade list
  19. Rowan5215

    Can I measure your tree?

    Four Out of Five is still the goat but I fuck with Golden Trunks the most, it's like an evil Beach Boys song
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  20. waking season

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    Science Fiction is one of my favorites
  21. phaynes12

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    one of my faves of the decade
  22. AWasteOfATime


    seems like its one of those records that lacked general appeal but when hit home with the people that liked it. which kicks ass. I think I would probably rank it bottom of their discography for me personally, but I still think its a good record.
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  23. Rowan5215

    Can I measure your tree?

    so is it gonna sound silly if I say that months on "Anyways" became like top 10 Monkeys for me

    how do they consistently have the best b-sides??
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  24. prattsy


    That's a hot take! I don't consider it even top 10 of this era, but that's what made this era pretty cool. I read a lot of people gush about Monster Truck and I would rank it as one of their worst songs ever put to LP. I think ranking the songs on Tranquility would produce insanely different lists for people.
    Humbug and Suck It and See eras had insane b-sides. Both in quality and quantity. I'm really excited to see where this band goes
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  25. Barresi

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    That little “mmm!” that Alex does right before “just like Mother Nature used to bake” might be the funniest moment in their discography.
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