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    I don’t think the VFX and CGI are complete yet.
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    Think it's in reference to the "king battling for the throne due to new politics" that Black Panther portrayed.
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    Ahhh, but I mean...that's always been a big thing in Aquaman and they even alluded to it in JL. I think it's just bad timing more than anything.
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    I don't disagree, I do think that Aquaman should be battling for the Throne of Atlantis and this is a major part of his character. I just don't think Momoa is the Aquaman I'm looking for or used to. He would have been suited for a much more macho role as another character. I'll need to see the movie to get my thoughts however this trailer looks to be a step in a positive direction.
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    patrick wilson deserves better.
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    I don't think the CGI looked bad per se, but geez that was a *LOT* of it. I am not the biggest fan of a lot of CGI in general, and I tend to feel like they aren't really at all at the point where they think they are with making something like a shark look real. Or they just don't have the time. The last time I remember being genuinely impressed with CGI and buying the illusion would be Life of Pi and the second of the new Planet of the Apes movies. I didn't see the third one yet. I suppose there's not really a way to do some of the things they're doing in a practical manner.

    Aside from the overabundance (to me) of CGI though, I think this looks really fun.
  8. No Justice League characters in this.
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    No Batman riding a shark?

    Debating on be excited for this now.
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    I dig it.
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    yessss. this looks awesome.
  15. Ok, this looks pretty cool. The effects are still super noticeable, but I appreciate the ambition and creativity of the visuals. I'm more excited for this now.
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    I'm avoiding it since I've seen enough to sell me on opening weekend and don't want anything else spoiled, but the OG costume in the thumbnail rules! I didn't think they'd ever go with that look actually.
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    Way more hyped for this now. Looks sick.
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    Like an underwater Black Panther.
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    Wow. Great trailer. Even better than the first one. I'm hyped.
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    Still bothering.

    I'm really curious to see if audiences will laugh at "you could've peed on it" wtf
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    Can studios just accept that the original look of costumes is far fucking superior now. god damn it.
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    They shouldn't use it to promote their movie then...
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    James Wan knows how to direct an action sequence that's for sure.
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    That trailer was really well done