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  1. Like the feeds themselves or the reader/app or service for the backend?
  2. blast0rama

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    If you mean technology wise, I use Reeder on both macOS and iOS with a FeedBin backend.
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  4. Cool! I'm glad they work, I think I might try and order a pair to try out soon.
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    I've used Dark Sky for years so I think I like this news?
  7. Nick

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    Terrible news for Carrot if they do close off access to the API.
  8. jciswhatis


    Guessing they will just switch to Weather Underground for all their data...

    "Up until now Dark Sky, which offers highly-localized weather forecasts, was the sole data provider for CARROT Weather. But in its latest update, Premium Club members can now switch between Dark Sky and Weather Underground as their data source for weather information."
  9. Nick

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    Oh missed that. Wonder if it’s viable.
  10. macbethfan

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    It really sucks seeing these sorts of things happen. I'm a very loyal Carrot Weather subscriber, and that app is way better than any other weather app in my opinion. I don't like Dark Sky's interface at all, and don't get me started on how atrocious Apple's current weather app is. What's going to happen if Wunderground decides to do the same with their API? I know that's a risk that a developer takes when making an app dependent on third-party API's, but the Carrot app suite is just one guy, and he's incredibly talented at what he does. I'd hate to see his work be wiped out because of API restrictions.

    This is similar to the Apollo reddit app developer. He has made the Reddit experience 1000 times better with all of the functionality he's built into the Apollo app, but if Reddit ever decided to restrict their API, his app would be useless and I would probably never use Reddit again if his app ceased to exist.
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    Sorry for late reply... intrigued to see anyones start to finish with RSS feeds.
  12. Nick

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    Agreed. I would love if they kept it open.

    not going to lie Apollo is the reason I use reddit. It was the first thing I used it on properly and absolutely love the app. I dread to think of that happens.
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    taken from that article:

    "Dark Sky says its API service for existing customers is not changing, but new signups will no longer be accepted. The API will work through the end of 2021, but after that time, developers will need to find another solution. The end of Dark Sky's API will impact other popular weather apps like Carrot, which uses the Dark Sky API."
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    Why did it take them this long to add this feature? Spotify has had this for like a year at least

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  15. bobsheiskawy

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    What I want is the option to share when I'm listening to something from my library. I don't use Apple Music, but I use the Music app, and it would be great to just be able to easily share an Apple Music link via text or to Twitter/Facebook/wherever.
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    Imgur Image

    At least Carrot had some humor about the situation B-)
  17. Callum Macleod

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    Pulled the trigger on a new iPad Pro 11”. Upgrading from an iPad Mini 4, so I’m very excited for everything about the pro.
  18. My partners younger brother is staying with us for the week and let me tell ya... I am so thankful for these AirPods Pro while they're both here and I have to work from home
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    Has anyone had experience with requesting refunds for iTunes purchases? I went to rent a movie for $.99 and I accidentally hit buy but didn’t realize it until after the purchased was approved with FaceID lol
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    One time somehow I signed up for TuneIn radio for a year because I forgot I had already done the trial before (I think it was like $100 or something) and they no problem refunded me! I just talked to them via chat and it went smoothly!

    Edit: not the same exact scenario but they were nice and helpful with the refund so I'd assume you wouldn't have an issue
  21. Callum Macleod

    Do or do not, there is no try. Supporter - you can request to cancel/refund there. Usually an automatic process. Very pain free.
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  23. Callum Macleod

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    Loving my new iPad. This thing is so nice for Comics. The Mini 4 did the job and lasted a good while but was just too small for my liking. Can’t wait for my case to arrive though, hate having to place it down “naked”, haha.

  24. Dan CiTi


    I know it’s old news but damn, the Apple webcams are bad. Sucks to see Apple seek excellence in cameras for their phones but ignore their webcams for ages and ages.
  25. Sean Murphy

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    Idk, i’ve been using facetime/webcam feature a LOT these days and i havent really had any reason to complain?

    what are the common issues?