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Discussion in 'Technology Forum' started by Melody Bot, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. troyplaysbass

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    I love the HomePod for music, but Overcast constantly disconnects from it, even with the latest updates with Airplay 2 support.
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  2. TheBaroness

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    The jankiness of the Apple Music app on iOS 13 is really starting to piss me off, getting so many freezes and crashes lately
  3. pauljgreco

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    Yeah it's been more janky than usual for me as well. Also, your profile picture reminded that The Jealous Sound exist and I need to listen to them :)
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  4. dorfmac


    Officially on my third set of AirPod pros. Fucking love them when they work, hopefully they will from now onz
  5. ZooZooChaCha

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    Have a love / hate relationship with my Homepods. Have one in the bathroom for just music and podcasts and that one for the most part works great. I have a stereo pair in the living room for audio output for the Apple TV and when it works, it is amazing.

    However, it rarely works with YouTube and many times when starting a show it will just sit and load and never start playback. As soon as I switch the audio output back to the TV, the video immediately starts playing. From there I can usually get it back to the Homepod. For a few moments I regret everything, but then you hear the sound and it is amazing.
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  6. you vandal


    What's going wrong with yours?

    I'm on my second pair (well left bud only). It started whistling after a workout and then just shut down completely.
  7. rxbandit89

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    Oh man, I just got mine. You two are scaring me.
  8. I had my right one do a weird thing where the mic was picking up a lot of sounds, but they replaced it with zero questions when I took it in.
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  9. you vandal


    Yeah, I had no issues replacing it. They definitely seem more fragile than the original Airpods - but that is to be expected.

    I wouldn't be too concerned.
  10. dorfmac


    In both cases, my seal started failing which was messing up the noise cancelling. No matter what, it was impossible to pass the ear tip fit test. Both times, Apple replaced them no question, but this past time they told me that if it happens again, it must be a "biological issue." If this happens again, i look forward to calling bullshit because they fit fine for weeks, if not months, before they "break."

    All that said, I wouldn't worry too much. They are awesome.
  11. Micool1

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    I just hope they bring the noise cancelling back to what it was at launch. One of the updates made the noise cancelling less effective. It was incredible at launch.
  12. If anyone thinks that the Newton is cool, this podcast does a deep dive into how and why the device didn't survive. I kind of want one!
    Flashback #1: The Newton - Relay FM
  13. rxbandit89

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    Really enjoying them. No matter which tip I use though, my right ear never seems fully sealed off.
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  14. dorfmac


    does the test reflect that, too? If so, might be the issue I was having and it’s worth getting it replaced
  15. rxbandit89

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    nope. I’ve tried all three tips, and the fit test says it’s a good seal on all of them.
  16. Callum Macleod

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  17. rxbandit89

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  18. morgantayler

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  19. LuigiPeppercorn

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    naming it the iphone 9 would be legitimately stupid
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  20. Investor update on quarterly guidance
    Our quarterly guidance issued on January 28, 2020 reflected the best information available at the time as well as our best estimates about the pace of return to work following the end of the extended Chinese New Year holiday on February 10. Work is starting to resume around the country, but we are experiencing a slower return to normal conditions than we had anticipated. As a result, we do not expect to meet the revenue guidance we provided for the March quarter due to two main factors.

    Pretty crazy.
  21. Callum Macleod

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    Nope, still just on the website. It also seems very inaccurate foe 2020 so far. Thinks I've only listened to 3 artists in 2020..