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  1. phaynes12

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    sub to Centr. it's been my favorite workout routine/meal planning app by a mile.
  2. blast0rama

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    That reminds me - how are you liking

    I am, and have been, an Instapaper guy for ages, but the slow speed of updates and such have me looking at other options.

    I know we're both Viticci readers, and between his thoughts and yours in the newsletter, I was thinking of giving it a spin.
  3. TheBaroness

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    iPad Pro owners with the latest generation of Smart Keyboard cover - do you find the keys leave terrible, hard to clean marks/lines on your screen from the skin oils on your keys constantly pressing against your iPad screen? I have been driven to the point of madness trying to find a solution to this, but no amount of cleaning the Smart Keyboard seems to alleviate it. Anyone tried anything that works? The method I’m going with at the moment is resting a microfibre cloth between the keys and the screen while the case is closed, but that’s a pain in the ass. Yes, I am extremely anal about finger prints.
  4. I’ve found the IPad very finger print sensitive in general.
  5. So far, I’m really liking it. I still use Pocket for a read later backend, but I’m using this for my large collection of bookmarks now.
  6. morgantayler

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  7. blast0rama

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    I love my Apple TV 4K, but I wonder what exactly they could do to improve it besides better innards?
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  8. RyanPm40

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    Yeah I'm curious what noticeable improvements it would bring. It isn't the 4K one, but my Apple TV still runs very smooth 4 years later. I imagine the existing 4K one runs great as well
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  9. I'm so happy about the mail toolbar wow
  10. moura


    I’m rolling around the idea of picking up either an iPad (7th Gen) or a Mini (5th Gen). WiFi only... anyone have either/an opinion on it? The only discernible difference (besides the form factor) is the processor chip. Also, I haven’t had a “home button” in awhile now, so are they like the iPhone 7/8 where it’s not actually a button...?
  11. rxbandit89

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    I honestly can't remember whether it's a physical button or the haptic button. However, all off the gestures you're used to using on your button-less phones will still work.
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  12. Drew Beringer

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    the iPad has a physical button - there is not a Taptic Engine in it.
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  13. rxbandit89

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    Bruuhhhh AirPods Pro are siiiiiiiiiick
  14. JamesMichael

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    CarKey sounds awesome.
  15. blast0rama

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    I was so close to buying AirPods Pro last night.

    But I had too hard a time getting the attention of one of the blue shirts at my local Apple store and my social anxiety sent me on my way.

  16. dorfmac


    I’m on my second pair of the pros and I think I’m once again experiencing issues w my fitment/pressure sensor. Last time I took them in and they just gave me a new set, I just don’t want to sit there for two hours again. Ugh.
  17. Brent

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  18. TheBaroness

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    Lol I feel you, it’s a nice speaker but Siri is completely useless and disruptive to the point that I have to keep it unplugged because our voices and the TV keeps triggering it. I feel like Apple still have no idea what they’re doing with the thing.
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  19. Sean Murphy

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    The article makes it seem like the $49 model of the amazon echo is a comparable listening experience to homepod which is, just flat untrue. I admittedly use my homepod way less than I probably thought I would (considering I also have my turntable right there as well and listen to records a fair amount), but when we do use it I am still impressed by the sound quality. I wouldn’t say I regret the purchase, because I probably still would have (at the time) shelled out that money for a comparable product.

    Although, yes, the TV triggering siri will never not be extremely annoying (and if you’re really not expecting it, slightly terrifying).
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  20. EntryLevelDave

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    That happened with our Echo. Something triggered it with the question "can I just go" and out of nowhere all we heard was "Yes, You Can Run Whenever You Want"
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  21. ECV

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    The most recent iOS update fixed this!
  22. my HomePod is one of my favourite devices I own, I use it for hours every day. I am lowkey considering an Apple TV purchase so I can use it to output TV Audio also because it's so damn good.

    I think in my 2 years of owning it, Siri got accidentally triggered once or twice max.
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  23. kidwithhelmet


    Have a pair, stereo out of this thing is phenomenal.
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  24. Please don't make me spend money lol
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