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Discussion in 'Technology Forum' started by Melody Bot, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. Deanna

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    I think it said if you already paid then you automatically get the feature. Although I went to restore the purchase on my iMac and it just gave me a buffer wheel that wouldn’t let me even quit the app.
  2. You get most of the new features, but not all from what I can tell. It basically still works like Fantastical 2, but you don't get weather additions or calendar sets on the IOS devices. And the sets are what I want the most. (I have my calendar, Hannah's calendar, and a dedicated sporting event calendar that I like to switch between to see what a day looks like.)
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  3. Callum Macleod

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    Oh man, Thank you both! I consider myself pretty tech literate but I had no idea this was evening possible.

    No more drag and drop to add movies to Plex! Such a small thing but always bugged me as I use the Screens App to access a Mac Mini that isn't hooked up to a monitor, as it's just used as a Plex Server. It can be a bit tricky to drag drop if I'm using my phone for it.
  4. Callum Macleod

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    This update is great - the layout of the App as soon as you open it is so nice and informative. I've not used it in a good while now but think I'll jump back in on it. £40 per year isn't bad at all.
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  5. Deanna

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    Makes sense! I can probably survive easily on the free version. Last thing I need would be more subscriptions.
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  6. Apple delivers a new redesigned Maps for all users in the United States
    Apple today announced that all users in the United States can now experience a redesigned Maps with faster and more accurate navigation and comprehensive views of roads, buildings, parks, airports, malls and more, making it easier and more enjoyable to map out any journey. Apple completed the rollout of this new Maps experience in the United States and will begin rolling it out across Europe in the coming months.

    Looks great here in Portland.
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  7. Sean Murphy

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    i've been a habitual google maps user - has Maps gotten good enough to make the switch?
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  8. I switched to maps a couple years ago and have been happy with it. Lots of features I liked on waze came over like travel/ arrival time sharing etc. I ditched waze because i thought it was overheating my phone (turns out it was overcast+any GPS app while on my car’s Qi charger which is a bummer). Haven’t had the issue in a while but we’ll see when summer hits.
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  9. Sean Murphy

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    i wish i could be on dark mode on my phone but not have my maps be in dark mode. small nitpick.
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  10. Can’t stand the design of Google Maps so once they rolled out the updated Apple Maps in my area I switched immediately. It’s pretty good!
  11. disambigujason

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    I’ve always used google maps but when I discovered Apple Maps works with your screen off I was shocked they didn’t market that feature hard. Maybe they did and I didn’t notice but it’s brilliant and a huge selling point from a safety perspective I think.
  12. Tom

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    I fuckin hate Google Maps on iOS. Last time I used it was a few years ago so idk if it has improved at all. I've never had any problems with Apple Maps so I typically just stick with that.
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  13. I never really understood all of the love for Waze either. I think the police and stopped car notifications are cool, but the design of the app just doesn’t make a ton of sense to me :shrug:
  14. jciswhatis


    Waze is one of the worst designed apps ever IMHO. They have made it nearly unusable.
  15. I remember LOVING waze so much. Now I don’t remember why beyond the social aspect (cars/ cops/ accidents, etc.) didn’t they get rid of the police aspects of it? Literally the main draw. Weird
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  16. ECV

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    The new version of Fantastical has so many annoying "subscription only" pop-ups that I might have to switch calendar apps. I can't justify $40/year for an app i've already paid for a few times, and the constant "You need a subscription to see this" UI elements are really turning me off--the Mac app is particularly bad, where half of the app window just says "you need a subscription to view day/week/month/year view" and there's no way to turn it off or hide it without a sub.
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  17. pauljgreco

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    Couldn't agree more. Really bummed about it.
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  18. rxbandit89

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    Alright, I just ordered Airpod Pros. Fingers crossed they A) get here ASAP and B) they fit in my ears.
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  19. blast0rama

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    Does the Apple Store let you 'test' AirPods Pro?

    I keep thinking about making the purchase, but I'm worried about how they'll fit me.

    (For what it's worth, the regular AirPods, like the EarPods before it, fit my ears GREAT, making me a freak of nature, if the Internet is to be believed.)
  20. rxbandit89

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    You and me both. I have two weeks to bring them back at Best Buy, so that should be plenty of time to figure out whether or not they're working for me.
  21. blast0rama

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    Oh, just for funzies, what current software subscriptions do you have, fellow members?

    From my current App Store page:

    - Apple Arcade
    - 1Blocker
    - Drafts
    - Ulysses
    - Transmit
    - Airmail
    - Carrot Weather
    - Overcast
    - Bear
    - Apple Music
    - Fantastical
    - Apple News+
  22. Sigh, too many. :crylaugh:


    Outside of Apple's system: Dropbox, Backblaze, Grammarly, Tower, Banktivity, Sketch, ...
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  23. They let you test them and use transparency and noise cancelling. It sold me on AirPods Pro immediately.
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  24. troyplaysbass

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    Besides streaming services (Apple Music and the various TV things), it’s just Overcast, 1Password, BackBlaze, extra iCloud space if that counts for this, and Bear for me. I’m starting to not love Bear and will probably drop that and go all in on Drafts at some point.

    The free Fantastical is fine for me so far, and I’m still on the legacy version of 1Blocker.
  25. I am too non-committal to subscribe to anything. I have app subs for work and thats about it.