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  1. dylan

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    I have the S5 cellular and I always have theatre mode on by default so not exactly what you’re looking for but I’m usually around 50% a day and I wear mine while sleeping usually. I charge it maybe every two to three days at work at my desk
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  3. PepsiOne

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    Worked out with the Apple Watch for the first time tonight. It gave me a BPM of 165 just a minute after I started running and stayed that high the whole workout/into the locker room. I was actually floating around 95-100 BPM. Anyone else have this issue? Would be bummed if I have to switch to my Fitbit for workouts since that gives me a much more accurate read.
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  6. Sean Murphy

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    if that's the case they better speed up how long it takes these wireless pads to fully charge your phone
  7. Daniel182

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    Difficult to use a phone while charging on wireless, though, unless the expectation is you remove it from the charging pad each time you need to use it.
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  8. uuu

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    Unless the "wireless" is tethered to the phone somehow, I'm not sure why I'd want to not be able to use my phone when it's charging!
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  9. Anthony Brooks

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    I have a series 2 and mine has always been super accurate. What band do you use?
  10. cryates

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    This is just my personal use-case, but the battery on my phone lasts so easily through a full day now, and I wirelessly charge my phone every night so I don't really think I care either way. I haven't used my lightning port once in the two months I've owned this phone.

    There will be major backlash though, of course.
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  11. Brent

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    So my dad is a moron.

    He bought a new 27" i5 9th gen for full price.... when I told him I could get that same system, refurb'd (same warranty) and with my military discount for almost $600 off the price he paid, and arriving Monday (instead of the 17th, for whatever reason), but said no thanks.

  12. TheBaroness

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    I don’t see the point of going 100% wireless charging unless they’re using the spot where the lighting port is for something mind-blowing, otherwise, why wouldn’t you at least give people the option of plugging in? Not to mention it can be a struggle to find a fast, reliable wireless charging pad, and it doesn’t look like Apple’s entering that space any time soon. In my opinion, the whole wireless charging thing has been a bit of a bust in that it doesn’t offer a superior experience or greater convenience than cable charging.
  13. I definitely like wireless charging. But I could also easily go without it haha so I agree
  14. 333 GANG


    I haven’t charged my iPhone 11 even once with a cable, wireless charging only. Can’t imagine not having it now.
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  15. pauljgreco

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    I place my phone on my wireless charger every night and it blows my mind that people don't LOVE doing that
  16. I’ve got Qi chargers at work, home, and in the car. It’s incredibly convenient and my phone is never low — unless I’m at Disneyland all day. I’m still on an X and I bring a battery backup I use to plug in at Disneyland but sounds like I wouldn't need that with the latest gen devices. Got my wife an 11 pro for Christmas. Stoked to give it the Disneyland test. She’ll definitely put it thru it’s paces since we’ll have 2 kids by the time we make it to the parks again!
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  17. cryates

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  19. cryates

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    "Did you get the new iPhone?"
    "It's iPhone 12 now, right?"
    "Nah, it's 9"
    "I know."
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  20. 100% Wireless charging without a Lightning port would kill Carplay in every car right?
  21. cryates

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    Wireless Carplay exists, although in a very limited capacity. It would force the hand of manufacturers to update their systems, in every car, and probably for existing buyers who currently have plugged CarPlay as well. The more you dissect it, it's just not feasible even in the near future. Although this is only rumored for the highest-end model and not all models, so who knows.
  22. justin.


    Would I just get a Qi to USB charger for my car and would CarPlay work through Bluetooth?
  23. Anthony Brooks

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    No, the data that is transferred via the lightning port is not transmitted through wireless charging
  24. Just looked it up and only Select Audi, BMW and Mini's do right now. Not sure if thats changed or not recently