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  1. Played with a neighbor's mac in the 90s and hated it. Got a hand-me-down luxe-type iMac in like 2002/2003 and fell IN LOVE. I bought my first windows machine since then just a couple years ago for budget and workflow reasons.
    we're literally about to get either a MBA or iPad Pro to replace my wife's white 2009 macbook. If you want it, shipping and a coffee and it's yours! It is missing a key (thanks to our 3 year old) and the plastic case has a slight crack in it which makes the screen wobble a bit but it's structurally intact and reliable (just slow with an old HDD/SSD hybrid drive in it).
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    Think my first experience with anything Apple were Macs in my either elementary or middle school days. I eventually discovered the iPod and my first Apple product ended up being the 30GB iPod video. Craziest feeling being able to have a whole case of CDs and a bunch of TV shows in my pocket.
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    Who's got a smart-plug running a powerful AC? I tried setting it up yesterday until I realized I bought the wrong plug (It's not the normal 3 prong one) so now I need to find the right one.
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    Bought an iPad Pro over the weekend.

    How did I ever read stuff online before this?
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    Anyone get the invite for the Apple Card yet? I'm intrigued and really looking for some first impressions.
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    I was approved last Wednesday and used it a bit this weekend. The process was super easy. They tell you if you're approved and show you your limit and APR upfront, and don't do a hard pull on your credit util after you accept the offer. Then you can order your physical card. They're shipping overnight or 2 day i think because mine was delivered to my apartment this morning so I'll grab it when I'm on lunch.

    The app is really nice, the color of the card changes based on the types of merchants you're purchasing from. Since the card doesn't have physical numbers, you can request in the app for a new card number if you're purchasing from a merchant you think is sketch or unsecure which is really cool.

    Once the transactions clear, your 1,2, or 3% cashback is immediately sent to you. You can use it as apple cash or to pay your statement. You get 3% back on Apple purchases, which also includes apple music, iUP program, and iCloud subscriptions and payments which is nice. 2% using apple pay, and 1% using the physical card or numbers.
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    some of the dialogue is extremely bad but i’m reserving judgment until we see actual footage
  9. Apple's wearables, now at a $16B annual run rate and growing at 55%-60%, will cross iPad and Mac by the end of 2020 to become its third largest product category
    The wearables era at Apple began years ago. However, Wall Street and Silicon Valley are only now slowly starting to pay attention to what Apple has been building. Apple is the undisputed leader in wearables, and they are pulling away from the competition. Given how Apple’s wearables strength continues to be underestimated, the company deserves more credit for what it has achieved and where it is headed.
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  10. I swear text input in iPadOS, at least on the betas, is super bad compared to iOS 12. If I have two apps side by side and I want to try to type on the left app after typing on the right, my iPad won’t let me unless I go to the home screen then go back into the two apps.
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    Woke up this morning, opened my Music app, and watched my entire Recently Added list disappear and get repopulated with albums I've had for years. Music that I've added in the last week no longer appears to be on my phone.

    Wouldn't bother me that much except for the fact that the new Strung Out is really good.
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    Has anyone tried out the OWC Aura Pro X2? My 512GB SSD in my 2015 MacBook Pro is getting a little full, and I would love to just not have to worry about the space. I've read mixed things on these, particularly pertaining to battery life, but many of the negative comments seem to be copied and pasted between all the reviews I've seen. It makes it hard to get a bead on the real-world pros and cons.

    High-Performance Workflow Solutions
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    Bought Apple Pencil yesterday. Bye bye paper.
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  15. justin.


    I am wanting to sell my old MBP. I signed out of iCloud but my photos are still appearing in the Photo app. I found the ‘photo library’ in finder but I don’t know if deleting that will still somehow delete the photos from my iCloud account. Does anyone know how I can empty my Photo app without losing my photos in iCloud?
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    When i sold my macbook i just completely wiped the harddrive as if it was out of the box new once i made sure everything i needed was off it
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    Reading this back now I realize I didn't necessarily answer your question. As long as they're in iCloud, deleting them from a device won't delete them from the cloud. I have plenty of pictures on my phone that I delete from my iPad photos and they;re still in my phone.
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  18. Kyle is hk Aug 16, 2019
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    Got my physical Apple Card today and the design is not the slightest bit impressive. Honest feels kinda cheap in a way.
  19. Huh I’m surprised. Every video I’ve seen of the card makes it look sooo good but I doubt I’ll see one anytime soon haha.
  20. Kyle is hk

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    The edges are rougher compared to other “metal” cards. And the name on the front isn’t engraved in the same shiny way as the Apple logo which makes it look cheap. It doesn’t matter to me either way since that’s not why I got it it’s just funny to see people drooling over it hah

  21. I would love a ceramic Apple Watch, but I’ll stick to the basic aluminum :crylaugh:
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    Snagged an older 64gb 10.5 iPad Pro today for $178.99. This iPad came off the demo table months ago at my work(Best Buy) and sat in a warehouse locked case for months. My teams fault actually for not doing anything with it. So I fiddled with it today and made it open box exactly like I should and the systematic price it spat out was $ I bought that sucker. Only one small scratch on the screen and it’s very small. I can’t see it at all as I type this in dark mode on the thing. Nice upgrade from my older iPad mini 4. Even though I loved the size of the mini, I couldn’t pass on this deal. The screen is so much better and it’s super snappy.
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    That's awesome. I also work at Best Buy, and those EOL deals can get ridiculous. I got a 2010 Macbook Air in 2011 for like $600 because someone threw a fit to return it well after the return policy so they could buy a new 2011 one. My mom still uses the thing.
  24. EntryLevelDave

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    I am having a hell of a time finding a smart plug that will work for my air conditioner. Does anyone have any ideas?

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