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  1. cryates

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    I think the tech behind it is cool, but could ultimately serve far more practical uses than just creating a pocketable tablet. I also struggle to understand why a foldable phone is logical over having two separate devices that are extremely good at their individual use cases. And that's not even mentioning the insane price points these devices are at.
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  2. 333 GANG


    No interest in a foldable phone unless something can really sell me on the idea of why I need one.
  3. phaynes12

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    folding is gonna lose me
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  4. pauljgreco

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    If I could have the same exact phone I have now but it just folds in half, cool
    But it'll be twice as expensive, twice as easy to break, and probably still not as good as the phone I currently have
    The technology behind folding phones is so cool, but I an't see a practical use for it at that price or risk of breaking. Although I'm sure I said the same thing about touchscreen phones forever ago and now look where we are.
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  5. Sean Murphy

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    foldable phones have already been a thing and theyve always broken why even go down this path again lol
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  6. Mr. Serotonin

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  7. Using Google apps in Safari in iPadOS 13 is amazing. I just hate how google does text selection in docs and wish I could turn it off.
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  8. sean_rugy

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    whoa. if you pull up the lyrics on Apple Music and it's karaoke style you can tap on the various lyrics and it'll either rewind or fast forward to that part of the song.
  9. CarPlay in iOS 13: A Big Leap Forward – MacStories
    When my lease was up earlier this year, CarPlay support was at the top of the list of must-have features when we began looking for a new car. We wound up leasing a Nissan Altima, which has a faster entertainment system, larger touchscreen, and better hardware button support for navigating CarPlay’s UI. The hardware differences took a system I already loved to a new level by reducing past friction and frustrations even though the underlying software hadn’t changed.

    Just a few weeks after we brought the Altima home though, Apple announced that it would update CarPlay with the release of iOS 13 this fall. In a jam-packed keynote, CarPlay got very little stage time, but I was immediately intrigued by the scope of the announcement. CarPlay hasn’t changed much since it was introduced in 2014, but with iOS 13, iPhone users can look forward to not only significant improvements in its design, but a new app and other features that make this the biggest leap forward for CarPlay to date.
    Great look at new CarPlay.
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  10. justin.


    I never though I would say this but the update to CarPlay might be my most anticipated for the fall.

    I may spend too much time in my car as well.
  11. Micool1

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    I can say the Carplay updates are really great.
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  12. Anthony Brooks

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    That Dashboard looks really cool in the new CarPlay. I’ll be switching back to Apple maps most likely.
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  13. justin.


    My friends and family members all use Google maps and think Apple maps will lead them to the wrong destination. I’ve used Apple maps since it was released in 2012 and have only had one issue with it (which was about a year after its release).
  14. rxbandit89

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    Alright, so I got the email from Apple saying "Hey you should totally try the public beta of iOS and MacOS. Come JOIN US."

    And I'll tell ya I was going to hold off because I was feeling fine with waiting this year but, well, can't argue with the logic of the email.

    Now I have to decide whether I'm going to use the iPad Pro at the office to get a taste of iPad OS...
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  15. cryates

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    If you truly rely on the iPad to get actual work done, then I would hold off. The latest build is more stable, but still full of quirks.
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  16. dylan

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    this new carplay is fucking sleek
  17. SeeTheLights

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    Updated to the beta on my phone

    no ragrats
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  18. cryates

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  19. justin.


    Just out of curiosity which Apple products were all of you exposed to first and did that product get your attention?

    I remember my parents had a 90s Mac desktop (from pictures I think it was an LC 575 or 580) around 96. I grew up on windows due to my school and didn’t get into Apple until my first iPod (shuffle) in 04.
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  20. cryates

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    My first Apple product was the 6th gen iPod in like 2007. My first Mac product was the 2009 beautiful white MacBook. I loved that machine, and I wish I still had it just for nostalgia reasons.
  21. Sean Murphy

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    idk if they count but i used those colorful macintosh computers all through elementary school haha but ipod photo was my first actual foray into what is now the apple universe in like 2005 - got my first MBP in 2009, first iphone in 2011
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  22. disambigujason

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    iPod mini for me in middle school. Didn’t really have much exposure to other Apple products until I got an iPhone and MacBook in college.
  23. I was first exposed to Apple with the original iPod! But the thing that got me hooked was when I got my first iPhone, the 5S. Then got hooked onto everything else.
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