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  1. Jesus. And it’s just gonna keep growing!
  2. Sean Murphy

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    but wait all these tech blogs told me apple was failing and spiraling into the abyss and nobody is buying iphones
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  3. EntryLevelDave

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    Trump is killing my apple stock.
  4. Drew Beringer

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  5. Drew Beringer

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    It’s actually bad for your battery if you do
  6. Drew Beringer

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    The fucking truth
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  7. cryates

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    I agree with that take, obviously, but those categories also depend heavily on the iPhone which is a point that should not get lost in the shuffle. That said, the smartphone industry as a whole has plateaued so as long as iPhone userbase remains high (which it will, folks just aren't upgrading as often) then Apple will only continue to trend up.
  8. Drew Beringer

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    picked up a 4K iMac today and whooooo boy what a machine
  9. TheBaroness

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    Trying out the Brydge keyboard for iPad Pro and it’s making me really miss having a mouse, also my metal AppleWatch band keeps getting stuck to the magnets on the palm-rest which is awkward
  10. justin. Aug 6, 2019
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    I’m considering a 2019 MacBook Air. Best Buy currently has a $200 off deal going on until the weekend.

    Does anyone here have any Air experiences? I don’t need anything fancy. My current MBP has been swinging since 2011 but it’s at the point where I won’t blame it if it decides to not turn on anymore and it would be a shame for that to happen in the middle of a semester.
  11. It’s a fine computer but it looks hella goofy

    if you can swing it, the 13” MBP is the better choice.
  12. justin.


    I can. I just don’t know if it’s necessary for what I need. I just need something to write papers on and use iMessage/Apple Music. Would any MBP come without a Touch Bar? I don’t see myself ever using that.
  13. abort abort get the air man
  14. LightWithoutHeat

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    Get an Air if that's all you need. You can get MBP without a Touch Bar though if that's what you decide.
  15. the MBP w/o touchbars hasn't been updated in a good while, the Air will probably run circles around it performance wise.
  16. also maybe keep that 2011 MBP safe in a drawer somewhere incase the keyboard on the Air freaks out and you need to get it replaced.
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  17. LightWithoutHeat

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    I think they were just updated within the last couple of months...
  18. no, the MBP w/o touch-bar was essential phased out and replaced by the Air.
  19. justin.


    I have heard sketchy things about Air keyboards. I was planning on keeping my MBP anyway just because it still functions well. I’ve expecting it will be one of the instances that it works extremely well until the day it dies and I would be caught off guard.
  20. LightWithoutHeat

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    Oh wow, I didn't realize that! Apologies.

    I am not a fan of the Touch Bar at all. Glad I snagged one without while I could.
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  21. cryates

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    The MacBook Pro w/o Touch Bar was replaced with a significantly better one (and with a Touch Bar), at the same price. It’s also a quad-core now with twice the performance of the 2019 Air. Tests have shown battery life is as good as, if not better than the Air as well. It’s the one to get IMO if you’re looking for an entry model.

    The Air was ultimately a replacement for the 12” MacBook.
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  22. Apple Music revealed that it has been slowly rolling out Apple Digital Masters, an initiative that combines the company's highly lauded "Mastered for iTunes" offering into one global catalog with unrivaled quality, for Apple Music and the iTunes Store.

    Apple Digital Masters provide uncompromising studio sound, virtually indistinguishable from the original master recordings. With less noise and higher fidelity than ever, this is world-class audio for everyone. Apple Digital Masters combines cutting-edge technology, industry-wide best practices, and the best available artist master recordings to bring listeners an unrivaled streaming audio and digital download experience.

    "The audio quality is incredible! The piano is the hardest instrument to get right and this sounds amazing." - Lang Lang, world-renowned concert pianist

    "Amazing. The sound is incredible. I cannot hear any difference! Fantastic!" - Gustavo Dudamel, Music & Artistic Director of LA Philharmonic

    "They sound f*****g great! Really upholds the integrity of the music." - Don Was, musician, record producer and Blue Note President

    Listeners want quality and they are increasingly discerning in their choice of streaming services, as well as their audio hardware at home or in their cars. Apple Digital Masters delivers on all fronts.

    Here's how it works...

    By encoding from high-resolution masters, Apple music engineers are able to capture all of the detail of a recording in a size that is convenient for streaming and downloading. Using 24-bit files means less noise and higher encoding efficiency. Apple has distributed our industry-leading encoder for free to mastering engineers worldwide and by using these software tools engineers are able to create "test pressings" of exactly what the audience will hear. The result is music that is virtually indistinguishable from the original hi-res master recordings.

    Apple Digital Masters provide premium quality audio without any additional cost on Apple Music and the iTunes Store. All former Mastered for iTunes songs will continue to be available under the Apple Digital Masters program.
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  23. Not really one to care about sound quality like that, but super cool to see!
  24. justin.


  25. I kind of like the idea of a foldable phone.. but I also don’t know when I would actually use it... unless my iPhone could turn into my 12.9” iPad Pro somehow then I only have to carry one device haha.