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Discussion in 'Technology Forum' started by Melody Bot, Mar 13, 2015.

  2. Guess they’re not doomed. :crylaugh:
  3. pauljgreco

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  4. JamesMichael

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    I’m sure things will keep improving as well with the new iOS and iPad OS on the horizon + the new Mac line with the keyboard fix.

    Can’t wait for the 16 inch MacBook.
  5. cryates

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    am I just failing to see his point or is there even a point? If all of those are up, it’d obviously mean the iPhone is incredibly stable in user-base, no?
  6. TheBaroness Jul 30, 2019
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    Yes, but for analysts ‘stable’ is not good enough, even if it generates excellent revenue/profit - they are only interested in seeing ‘growth’, which I personally think is b/s but that’s a whole ‘nother debate. I think it’s pretty impressive that they’ve pushed their service revenue up so quickly and that bodes well for the future, I also don’t think it’s intended to ‘replace’ iPhone revenue but to supplement it to cover the gap from a decline in iPhone sales or selling more lower-price/margin iPhones like the XR. Sure, there’s potentially an issue with Apple’s service revenue if all of a sudden 90% of the existing iPhone user base decides to drop all their Apple products, but I think even the most pessimistic person would see that as being pretty unlikely.
    Anyway, as the Apple Watch continues to un-tether from the iPhone that will start to drive uptake of services in and of itself.
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  7. Callum Macleod

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    Anybody else have an issue where “Up Next” isn’t syncing with Amazon Video or other compatible providers? Only working with iTunes content. Very annoying. Tried everything including restoring the ATV and clearing play history etc.
  8. LightWithoutHeat

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    My 6s has taken a nosedive and I'm deciding between and iPhone 8 and XR because the former fits in my cleanroom bunny suit pocket and the latter does not... this is unfair.
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  9. Brent

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    1000% go with the 8 over the XR. I use both (8 Plus personal, XR work) and I can't stand the XR. Plus the optical zoom is much better for photos.
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  10. LightWithoutHeat

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    Oh wow. What don’t you like about the XR?
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  11. Brent

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    I mainly hate how you pull up (drag down) the cellular/media/brightness/sound/etc screen... always takes me a couple times to do it. Then closing apps is a pain in the ass compared to the non full screen iphones. I just don't like it... and wish Apple would release an update to the 8 with the home button. But that likely won't happen.
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  12. Dang I haven’t heard someone hate the new design so much but I guess it makes sense. It’s hard for me to use an iPhone with a home button now haha I just keep trying to swipe from the bottom. I would personally go with the XR because it’s newer, colors, and I don’t think the home button is staying so..
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  13. Zoshchenko

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    I like the non-home button gestures
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  14. disambigujason

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    The only thing that would make me wanna upgrade to an X-series phone is the camera. I’m sure if I had a new phone I’d like it but there’s nothing about my 8 aside from the camera to which I say “I wish this was better.” The camera takes lovely photos under the best conditions but the zoom is noticeably worse than my previous SE, it’s super grainy, and for like the first month I had it the photos had a weird sepia quality to them.
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  15. 333 GANG


    I would definitely go with the XR over the 8.
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  16. I would recommend any X series phone over the 8 at this point. Better in virtually every way.
  17. disambigujason

    Formerly js977 Supporter

    size and cost were determining factors for me personally, and size seems to be a big one for the OP too, but yea X will almost certainly be a better overall experience. Really wish they’d put out SE or 8-sized variants of future phones :/
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  18. LightWithoutHeat

    Doomed to Live

    Thanks all.

    I figured the general consensus was to go with an X variant, but yeah the size is a big consideration unfortunately and the XS is out of my price range. The XR is such a good deal through Apple though that I'll likely go with that.
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  19. It’s a great phone.
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  20. disambigujason

    Formerly js977 Supporter

    Ya if you can get over the size the XR really does seem like the best value in a phone Apple’s had in a long time. Especially if you get it in red :hearteyes:
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  21. morgantayler

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    if anyone sees any good Apple Watch deals, hit a girl up. my watch fell today and landed on the screen and it completely broke around the edges and now the screen hangs off of the bezel:upside:
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  22. rxbandit89

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    Series 4 is $50 off at Best Buy right now. They also have the Series 3 cellular models for $100 off.
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  23. sean_rugy

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    you don’t need to close apps all the time anyway
  24. morgantayler

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    Public beta 4 is out for iOS 13
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  25. Apple services is now bigger than Apple was in 2009
    During its third quarter earnings call earlier this week, Apple delivered good news as it beat estimates and saw revenue reach a new June quarter record. Chief among the reasons it did so was its services category which continues to grow exponentially. In fact, the services category is now bigger than Apple was as a whole ten years ago according to Horace Dediu.