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  1. Definitely check out The Talk Show, Accidental Tech Podcast, and Upgrade IMO. Three great ones.
  2. macbethfan

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    I listen to Connected, Upgrade, Accidental Tech Podcast, The Talk Show, and Adapt.

    One I really miss is Ctrl-Walt-Delete because I’ve always liked Walt Mossberg, but I can’t Nilay Patel at all, so I skip the rest of the Verge podcasts. I like Dieter Bohn though.

    When I was podcast newbie, I was listening to things like The Apple Watchcast, which yes, is about the Apple Watch. My tastes have been refined over the past few years.
  3. I listen to all of these hah. Connected is probably my favorite but these are ones I can never miss.
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  4. Max_123

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    Been using Apple Music for about a week now and it is so so so much better than Spotify in it's current form. I do think Spotify had better recs for me from the start (hoping that over time using AM that will get better). My only complaint was when I merged my iTunes library into iCloud that was a bit of a disaster wading through the duplicates and whatnot but now that i've sorted that out we're all good
  5. SmithBerryCrunch Jun 28, 2019
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    I would probably switch to Apple Music if I didn't have someone paying for my Spotify Premium.
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  6. dorfmac


    if anyone still has their college emails, they can get apple music for half price through unidays
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    I just lost my student status recently. I graduated last June and was still getting the Apple Music discount till earlier this year. Sites like Unidays and have started cracking down on this sort of thing. They actually verify enrollment status now, and if you're no longer a student, your discounts can be cut off. Some sites mine still works and some it doesn't, but if they use one of those two platforms, your discounts will come to an end.
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    Shhh... I finished grad school three years ago ;)
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  9. Does anyone know if an HDD will work in Files with iPadOS? I keep trying to plug mine in and it doesn’t show up. That might just be a beta thing, though.
  10. Update, I still couldn’t get my HDD to work so I got a small USB 3 thumb drive and this is all I wanted out of iPadOS and now I finally have it! The iPad Pro can now 100% be my full time computer :praise:

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    Lol you know the “student” discounts they give out in the Apple store?

    My store got so fucking ridiculous with what they considered a student it became a joke. I’d literally be asking people “are you a student? Have you ever been a student? Do you know any students? Do you watch YouTube how to videos??? YOU DO!? GREAT!!”
  12. phaynes12

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    got my powerbeats pro today cant wait to test them out in the gym
  13. ZooZooChaCha

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    Been using Apple Music for two years - for the most part the My Favorites and album recs are spot on. New Music mix is a little hit or miss. Once you realize it's more like "Discover Weekly" than just a playlist of your favorite bands that have new stuff out, it starts to make more sense.

    There are some weeks where New Music Mix is spot on to my style and what I like, other times it's a complete miss.

    For reminders of my favorite bands that have new releases out I use MusicHarbor, which connects with Apple Music.
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  14. ZooZooChaCha

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    Think I finally settled on a device lineup I love - TL;DR - 12.9 inch iPad Pro for iPad stuff and when I want to live that "laptop replacement" life, 12 inch MacBook when I want a laptop.

    It's been a long journey and many trips back & forth to Best Buy. But, I have a 12.9 inch iPad Pro (3rd Gen) for most of my media consumption, reading, gaming and when I am in the mood to write on the iPad.

    I also picked up a 12 inch MacBook during the recent $799 sale to pretty much use as a MacOS Chromebook. I know this thing got a lot of crap for not being powerful enough - but for my use case it is perfect!

    I'm also one of the weird few who loves the original butterfly keyboards - the loud clickiness is kind of reassuring and fun to type on. Anything with high key travel honestly starts to hurt my wrist after long-use. That's what I ran into with most of the keyboards for the iPad. I love my Apple Smart Keyboard, but the rough fabric texture starts to hurt the tips of my fingers.
  15. disambigujason

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    I find the butterfly keyboard harder to type on/I mess up more than on my old MacBook Pro but god do I love the sound so much.
  16. ZooZooChaCha Jun 29, 2019
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    I've gotten used to it - at work I was given a Thinkpad X1 Carbon, very nice Windows laptop, but it has VERY high key travel, which most people like. For me though I start to get shooting pain down my hand bones and into my wrist. Never have had that happen with my MacBook so for or the Apple Smart Keyboard on the iPad (did happen when I tried out my wife's Logitech Slimfolio keyboard).

    But yeah, I know the new membrane on the later generation butterfly keyboards is supposed to protect it, but just feels mushy and doesn't have the satisfying click.
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  17. TheBaroness

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    This is the same device lineup I have and it works really well for me - the 12 inch MacBook is good for me when I’m out at the office and need to get stuff done quickly without having to fumble with an iPad ‘work-around’ for my required workflow (and for updating my iCloud library with albums that are only available on Bandcamp). I’m hoping that I’ll be able to move all my work to the iPad in the near future as iPadOS is further refined, but I think I’ll always keep my MacBook around anyway as it’s always useful to have a computer of some description in the house. The processor is more than adequate for what I do and I also prefer the old butterfly keyboard, I’ve used mine for almost four years now without issue.
  18. Sean Murphy

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    I was so worried that I'd miss my macbook/having a laptop but i haven't even thought about it since welcoming 12.9" Pro into my life
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  19. I wanna be a fancy boy and get a stand for my iPad Pro. Does anyone have one they can recommend?

  20. Kinda relevant to Apple stuff. It’s a cool shortcut.
  21. Best shortcut.
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  22. kidwithhelmet


    This is what I have at home and office. Secure. Rubber pads so contact points don't touch the stand itself. And it appears to be on sale right meow.
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  23. kidwithhelmet Jul 2, 2019
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    Anyone experiencing any major issues with the iPadOS public beta?

    I've had a couple lockups when trying to move apps from slide-over to split screen. iPad wasn't "frozen" but wouldn't let me swipe up to get to home screen. Typically in this state the iPad resets itself but the other night it didn't, and it wasn't letting me reboot manually.
  24. Slide over has been basically 100% broken for me on the beta.
  25. pauljgreco

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    Yeah I've had the same issue. Lots of things like that happening to me making it unusable. This is what I get for putting the beta on though haha