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  1. Micool1

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    I checked and I only have 2 VO2Max measures in 2 years so that's probably why I don't have it.
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  2. zigbigwig

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    sounds great. love it so far.

    is there any way to share project/goals with other people? it might be not that kind of app, but just in case something like that exists
  3. cryates

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    Desktop safari on iPad changes everything.
  4. Zoshchenko

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    i agree!!!
  5. I actually haven’t tried so I’m not sure.
  6. pauljgreco

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    Holy hell, using a mouse on an iPad is so good.
  7. I haven't been able to get my mouse to connect yet :shrug2: I'm excited to try it out soon though.
  8. pauljgreco

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    I thought at first it was going to be the coolest thing and then I saw the cursor and figured meh, it’ll be okay but that thing is ugly and distracting.
    Now that I’m using it, the cursor is definitely still ugly and distracting but wow it’s such a game changer.
    Hope you’re able to get it to connect at some point!
  9. maryp1603


    Need some advice! I had a series zero Apple Watch and never used it and it eventually broke. Is the Apple Watch that great for workouts? I go to the gym pretty regularly at this point in my life and I typically do 30-40 minutes of cardio a few times a week. Is the investment in a watch worth it or should I go the Fitbit route to save a few bucks?
  10. cryates

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    I really can’t get over how good iPadOS is. And it’s just an early, buggy build! Can’t believe I was slightly disappointed by the iPad segment of the keynote.
  11. pauljgreco

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    Yeah this build is buggy as hell. Glad I don’t have any work I depend on with this or else I may have regretted the beta, but so far so good for what it is!
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  12. SeeTheLights

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    So who has downloaded the beta on their main phone device? It’s taking everything in me not to do it
  13. renoinexile

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    I did last night, so far so good
  14. sean_rugy

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    I have zero self control and will be taking time off work so I downloaded the beta to my phone and nothing TOO gnarly has happened. some small bugs here and there.

    face ID is insanely fast, Apple Music looks cleaner, and all hail dark mode.
  15. pauljgreco

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    Ahhh I'm so excited to see how quick FaceID is now
  16. pauljgreco

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    Currently don't have an adapter to plug my external HD to my iPad to test it, but (I'm assuming probably not) will it be possible to just run my iCloud Music Library from just an external HD and iPad? I don't see anything in settings on iPadOS to set it as your library that uploads to the cloud so I'm assuming that's going to stay a PC thing, but I would love for that not to be the case

    Hopefully that made sense/isn't a dumb question
  17. JamesMichael

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  18. (Jeff Williams definitely gonna be the next CEO whenever Tim retires.)
  19. cryates

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    I just spit out my drink
  20. John Gruber’s take on this announcement is very good.
    Jony Ive Is Leaving Apple
    “I don’t worry that Apple is in trouble because Jony Ive is leaving; I worry that Apple is in trouble because he’s not being replaced.”
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  21. cryates

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    Yeah, I read that earlier. His last few lines are absolutely spot on in my opinion. The tech podcasts should be quite interesting within the next week.
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  22. I’m super excited to listen to five podcasts talk about this haha
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  23. cryates

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    Lol yeah. I listen to Connected, The Talk Show, Vector and sometimes Vergecast.

    They will all undoubtedly cover it in depth.
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  24. Am I poser for only listening to 9to5Mac and maccast?
  25. My first impression is that it's a "yet" kinda thing. A trial run before we see anyone move up to c-level leadership.
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