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  1. phaynes12

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    i’d rather have to buy five airpods a year than put one anywhere near my lips.
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  4. ECV

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  5. currytheword


    In case anyone was wondering, yes the new WW84 poster is an amazing choice for your iPhone X/XS/Max.

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  6. Why Bother?

    Still bothering.

    How do you like it so far?
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  7. Dirty Sanchez

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    I enjoyed the handful of hours I used it over the weekend. So far so good! Haven’t touched it since though. Going to use it some more this weekend!
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  8. Why Bother?

    Still bothering.

    Thinking of getting the new 13inch myself.

    Hope you continue to enjoy it!
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  9. subplotofcrows

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    I’m usually good at deciding what I want, but I’d like opinions on this one.

    I need a new iPhone now. Looking at a new iPhone X or a new XR. Same price. I really want the X camera, but the XR is slightly newer and may last a bit longer. The XS is just too pricey for me right now. What should I get?
  10. I'd get the XR if you needed a phone right now. Battery life and processor.
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  11. RyanPm40

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    Yeah my girlfriend loves her XR coming from a 6S and she's been very vocal about how much better her battery life has been
  12. subplotofcrows

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    Any phone I get will have better battery life than my current 7. I wake up at 8 and it’s dead before noon.
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  13. zigbigwig

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    wwdc was pretty fun. scored the mindblown cap and the monkey sweater, more nerdy clothes i guess
  14. Christian Romero

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    I can't wait for iPadOS just so I don't have to use the horrible Google apps on my iPad anymore.
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  15. macbethfan

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    Google Maps and Earth on iPad are fantastic. Google News and Photos are alright. Anything else is awful. Google should be ashamed of how they let their work apps languish on iOS the way they have. It's also always bugged me how they don't follow iOS design principles when translating their apps to Apple's platforms.
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  16. macbethfan

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    I had a friend that was there purchase the robot emoji head blown shirt for me. I wouldn't have had any idea he was there if it weren't for seeing his FB cover pic changed to a pic of one of the murals this year. Excited to have a cool shirt. Loved the jacket, but definitely not for what it's going for on eBay. :embarrassed:
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  17. JamesMichael

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    iPad OS does look incredible! Can’t wait to test it.
  18. Micool1

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    I hate to say that, but I regret buying a Series 3 when it came out. With all of the new watch faces being S4 only except two big numbers ones and now the Noise app being S4 only too (unless they add it to older models with later betas), I just feel like I bought a new product that they immediately forgot about. Is there any reason why the Noise app wouldn't work on the S3?. Honestly I kinda feel ripped off and I usually never feel that way. "We have more new watch faces this year than since the original Apple Watch came out." But the S3 only gets two really basic ones? At least we got the native App Store.
  19. pauljgreco

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    Didn't realize (although I guess I should have assumed) the Noise app is only coming to the S4. Bummer.
  20. Longer thoughts about WWDC in this week's newsletter. Figured I'd share a blurb for those interested:
    Apple’s WWDC was this week and, as always, I have thoughts. From a top-line view, I thought the keynote was jam-packed and was flying at Mach speed. I couldn’t believe how fast they were going. The new iOS changes look nice, I’m excited they’re bringing Dark Mode to the iPhone, and it’ll look great with the Dark Mode version of I don’t install early beta software on my primary phone, but all the screenshots and stuff I’ve seen of the new features and tweaks look pretty good to me. I’m looking forward to playing around with some of the new Shortcut additions.

    The addition of iPadOS puts a stake in the ground for the future. I like that they’re saying “this platform matters to us” in this way. Some of the new text manipulation features look interesting. I can’t tell how good they’ll be until I use them, but as someone who edits a lot of text over the course of a week, and as part of my job, I am intrigued. My iPad is my only portable computer at this point and anything that helps me do my work faster, I’m all for. The new home screen changes and multitasking stuff I think is going to be a godsend. I’m already trying to figure in my head what kind of widgets will work best for quick access. (I think a combination of Copied and Shortcuts will be a must for what I use most often. And that means I need to have different Shortcuts available in the widget than I do on my iPhone, so I’m hoping there’s a solution for that.)

    All the language stuff like SwiftUI and Catalyst look great for developers. I do very, very, very, very little iOS development, so this isn’t something I’ll probably use (although, I do want to learn more about it if I ever can find the time). It looks awesome.

    The loud noise notification for Apple Watch is one of those things that seems like “don’t you know when it’s loud,” but I think it’ll be a friendly reminder to put in earplugs at concerts. (I still recommend and use these.) The new Music app appears to be a new skin on iTunes without a bunch of the visual cruft, so that’s good for those that were worried about losing local libraries. One day I need to write about all the ways Apple Music on the Mac could be improved, but I’ll save that rant for another day.

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  21. cryates

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  22. mescalineeyes

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    Second/third the XR. Incredible phone.
  23. TheBaroness

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    The XR is the perfect size phone imo - the regular XS is just a little small and the Max a bit too big for me, and the XR battery is fantastic. Seriously tempted to switch to one from my Max when the new phones drop in September.
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  24. Christian Romero

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    I was thinking of switching to the new XR from my XS when I go to upgrade too haha