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  1. Christian Romero

    @iChrisRomero @icandigitpod Supporter

    I’ve been essentially iPad only since October and iPadOS looks just damn near perfect. Lately I only use a MacBook to read my hard drive but I won’t need that anymore!
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  2. kidwithhelmet


    I don't really have any business/personal needs with my iPad that the beta would create an issue with I don't think. iPadOS looks too slick to wait on...
  3. jorbjorb

    I'm so much cooler online

    That carplay update is nice.
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  4. Drew Beringer

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    Mamma Mia!

  5. beachdude

    I'm not brave Supporter

    My AirPods (especially my right one) have been gradually getting quieter, and none of the online tips I’ve read have helped. I thoroughly cleaned out all the earwax and gunk in both, and also even did the gross sucking on the AirPods trick... no change. Someone please help! I honestly can’t believe that for as much as these cost they haven’t lasted me longer without the sound quality *significantly* deteriorating. I do use them a lot, but still.
  6. beachdude

    I'm not brave Supporter

    I should mention that I already went to the Apple store a few months back for this reason, and they replaced my left AirPod at no charge for this reason. Now it’s the right one that’s giving out. I feel like I’m doing something wrong, because tons of people online say the “sucking” trick works wonders, and I’ve noticed absolutely no change.
  7. Daniel182

    Cheers to the fact that we're not dead

    Just keep sucking.
  8. beachdude

    I'm not brave Supporter

    So I was getting really frustrated and sucked on both of them on and off for an absurd amount of time :crylaugh: something between the deep cleaning I did earlier and the further sucking just now seems to have done the trick. Hopefully it lasts. Seems like this problem keeps recurring.
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  9. Daniel182

    Cheers to the fact that we're not dead

    I was only joking, but I'm glad it worked! Haha.
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  10. beachdude

    I'm not brave Supporter

    Haha the sound still isn’t back to 100%, but I’m just glad I got improvement tbh
  11. kidwithhelmet


    It's a huge issue IMO. Had the same problem with my last pair.

    I've been a preemptive sucker on my new pair.
  12. ECV

    Digging through garbage Supporter

    Looking at that new Music app, that's what I'm most excited about. I've wanted them to streamline iTunes for years, glad it's finally happening.
  13. The Full List of Automation Triggers in Shortcuts for iOS 13 – MacStories
    The Shortcuts app in iOS 13 has a new Automation tab, in which you can configure shortcuts that automatically run based on a wide variety of triggers. Currently, certain automation actions require sending a notification first when the trigger is activated, and that alert contains the option to run the shortcut; other actions, however, include a toggle that determines whether the automation runs automatically in the background, or if you’d prefer an alert instead.
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  14. Man, I’ve been shamefully sucking on my AirPods for a LONG TIME. Glad to see I’m not alone.
  15. Taketimeandfind


    There’s gotta be a better way than inhaling earwax though right?
  16. Apple's 'Find My' Feature Uses Some Clever Cryptography | WIRED
    In a background phone call with WIRED following its keynote, Apple broke down that privacy element, explaining how its "encrypted and anonymous" system avoids leaking your location data willy nilly, even as your devices broadcast a Bluetooth signal explicitly designed to let you track your device. The solution to that paradox, it turns out, is a trick that requires you to own at least two Apple devices. Each one emits a constantly changing key that nearby Apple devices use to encrypt and upload your geolocation data, such that only the other Apple device you own possesses the key to decrypt those locations.
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  17. Anthony Brooks

    brook183 Supporter

    Omg I’m a newer AirPods user,,, should i be sucking?
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  18. Christian Romero

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    I’m just telling myself:
    “Don’t install iPadOS Beta 1. Don’t install iPadOS Beta 1. Don’t install iPadOS Beta 1...”
    But I want it so bad!
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  19. This is like...the dumbest "i'mma dunk on them" thing i've seen, and it's made worse by a Facebook employee liking it.
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  20. Jusscali

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    How much space will the new pads have?
  21. Imagining thinking “got um” after posting that.
  22. RyanPm40

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    I mean, nothing wrong with making fun of an outrageously overpriced stand, but yeah, not the greatest joke haha
  23. Right, but if you're gonna crack a joke don't sound like an idiot along the way haha. And my beef was really with the well known Facebook employee liking it like Facebook being free/selling your data is a magnanimous gesture.
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  24. LightWithoutHeat

    Doomed to Live

    Apple may not steal/sell your data, but those assholes will make a product that no one is forced to buy. Hard to say which is worse.
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