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  1. Nice, fun, video about the iPad Pro. I also like hearing Almost Free by FIDLAR in the video :rock:
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  2. Drew Beringer

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  3. Shakriel

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    Been loving my new iPad Pro. Still havent settled on a case/keyboard yet.
  4. I miss my iPad Pro.
    I literally returned it because I was using it so much it became a distraction.
  5. I want to check out the Brydge Keyboard, but I don’t want to have to deal with Bluetooth and charging the keyboard. The Smart Keyboard Folio is just so convenient.
  6. Drew Beringer

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    Smart Keyboard Folio for life
  7. cryates

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    I wish I could do some of those keyboard/pencil flip techniques that he pulls off in that video, but I damn sure won't be practicing over my hardwoods!

    The Smart Folio Keyboard is excellent, just wish it was backlit. Dream scenario moving forward is Smart Folio Keyboard with a built-in trackpad.
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  8. If the Keyboard Folio was backlit and had function keys it would be absolutely perfect. (It's still the best one for me even without that.)
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  9. Shakriel

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    Yeah, that's what I'll most likely get, just wish it was backlit.
  10. Backlit keys is definitely the only thing that I want out of the Smart Keyboard Folio. Otherwise, I love how the keyboard feels for sure. I just miss some of the functionality that the previous Smart Keyboard had but :shrug2:
  11. sammyboy516

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    Do any stores/sites ever have deals on the Apple folio case for the iPhone XS Max? I want it but I am not paying $130 for it lol. Or, can anyone recommend a good folio/wallet case?
  12. pauljgreco

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    A while back a friend gave me this Logitech Keys To Go keyboard for my 2018 iPad. Used it for a while but never really loved it, but figured without it being a keyboard case and/or being bulky, that’s pretty much my best option for a iPad without a smart connector.
    Found a Magic Keyboard for cheap on eBay and decided to grab that Fintie Magic Keyboard case Viticci recommended on MacStories, and this is probably my favorite combo as far as iPad and keyboard go since I can’t use a Smart Keyboard :blush:
  13. kidwithhelmet


    I know you said you were looking for the Apple brand, but this is like 70% cheaper and a phenomenal case. I've been using it since my iPhone 6 Plus days and grab it for every phone i upgrade to. Highly rec.
  14. Drew Beringer

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    I'm shocked

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  15. Definitely not a product that anyone should buy, but I’m glad someone is trying out this format! Even though its real ugly haha.
  16. pauljgreco

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  18. cryates

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    Multiple Reviewers Facing Broken Galaxy Fold Devices After Just Days of Use

    The Verge's Dieter Bohn says that his Galaxy Fold device broke after a random bulge appeared on the display, perhaps from a piece of debris that had gotten into the hinge. The debris, or whatever the bulge was, pressed into the display hard enough to break it.

    Yikes. Admittedly, this concept looks absolutely awesome in the recent videos, but this might be a huge problem for the credibility of the concept moving forward.
  19. I didn’t realize the tech was on the verge of being released. I thought it was just in testing. I don’t get the appeal. I’m gonna have to look at some marketing videos of the device to see if it’s even cool looking
  20. Arry

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    i'm looking to use my ipad with illustrator on desktop. so far i've found astropad. anyone know any other suggestions? i don't want to get a wacom tablet
  21. Astropad and Luna display are what I’ve heard most people use.
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  22. cryates

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    It was supposed to be released publicly next Friday, the 26th. This doesn't look great for it though. The idea is cool, and long-term (like years from now) I can see its place in the market, but for the foreseeable future I'd much rather have multiple devices with extremely reliable performance vs a singular device with a boatload of tradeoffs and compromises. And even then, I don't see this concept as an all-encompassing device for all of a users daily tasks. It's more of an excuse to not have a separate phone and tablet.
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  23. Going well I see
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  24. idk that phone kinda rules, it's a shame it has so many problems.
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  25. dylan

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    looks like the powerbeats pro will only be available in black in may, the other three colors won't be out until later this summer

    Powerbeats Pro