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  1. ZooZooChaCha


    Switched to the 5g signal on my router and that is working better. Wonder if there is interference. Have a shit ton of stuff near it on the main band.
  2. cryates

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    I don’t believe what you are trying to do is achievable unfortunately. By default they are set to detect your ear and switch from mono (w/ one bud) to stereo (w/both buds) automatically. There may be a third party hack/workaround, but I’m not sure.

    They are excellent for running imo. I run daily with them and have zero issues with them falling out. They’re so light, and don’t have a wire to pull them down that I don’t think you’d have any issues.
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  3. I don’t think this is possible, but I only did a little googling to see if I could find anything. I’ve had it happen by accident a couple of times, but I don’t know what caused that, and a reposition of the airpod fixed it.

    My fiancé runs with hers in. I think I could, but they feel a tad loose to me, so I don’t. I think it will depend on your ears how you feel about it.
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  4. sean_rugy Jan 7, 2019
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    With some light tinkering I guess you could ‘hack’ the case in a way that the left airpod doesn’t make a connection with the charger so that it will always be dead. I think that would maybe force it all to go into the right one.

    I love running in mine. They’ve never fallen out and it’s not something I’ve even thought or worried about, except for the first time.
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  5. Oh yeah, that’s not a bad idea ... running the battery of one of them all the way down. Didn’t think of that.
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    Well now I feel stupid ... duh
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    Thanks a ton for the insights everyone. The running down the battery in one of them thing is just the kind of "duh" answer I was hoping for but couldn't come up with myself. Most of the time I'll probably just use the one and keep a regular plug in the other ear, but I like knowing that'll be an option. Mine should come in on Wednesday and I'm really excited to try em.
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    I noticed a small red lump on my wrist this morning in the exact spot that I my black sport band lays against my wrist while I wear my watch. I don’t know if my band was too tight or if it’s contact dermatitis. I’ll probably start shopping for a non-synthetic band. Has anyone had this problem?
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  10. Drew Beringer

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    I know some of my friends with watches have certain allergic reactions to the watch - could be a myriad of things on that device that could be causing it.
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  11. justin.


    True. I ordered a leather band (I’ve never had any allergies to leather that I’ve known of) so I’ll see how that goes. If it persists then I’m just going to have to lay the watch down until I find a solution.
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    Viticci is my hero
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    540 ACTIONS!! that would have turned my brain into a pretzel.
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  14. 1) this shortcut is incredible

    2) the comments in it are even better.

  15. DickyCullz

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    really want to dig into shortcuts. sounds like it can be pretty powerful but don't know where to start

    also, I was finding that I wasn't into the iPad Pro as a computer replacement and always drifted back to my laptop if I wanted to do anything. Then yesterday I just started browsing with it in landscape mode and I went "ooooooooooh". Now I only hold it portrait if I'm reading a comic

    TIL my brain works better in landscape
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    so since I posted this Earl Sweatshirt shot up to my most listened to artist. not surprised at all.

    both of these methods continue to prove that I am an album listener and probably will be forever. my top 100 songs are basically from the same 6 or so albums.
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  17. That shortcut didn't work for me :(

    I keep getting some "Numerical argument out of domain" error.
  18. Dave Diddy

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    Hmm I don't know, worked for me
  19. Check Viticci's twitter account, some people said the same in there and he was talking about it iirc.
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    If you canceled your subscription can you still access this?
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    Lake Erie is such a great jam. I just checked out that album after seeing it so many end of the year lists.
  22. LG Electronics sees 80 percent drop in fourth-quarter profit; analysts point to thinning TV margins | Reuters
    outh Korea’s LG Electronics Inc (066570.KS) said on Tuesday its fourth-quarter operating profit likely plummeted 80 percent from the same period a year earlier, falling well below analyst expectations.

    The world’s second-biggest television set maker behind compatriot Samsung Electronics Co Ltd (005930.KS) estimated profit of 75.3 billion won ($67.03 million) for October-December last year. That would compare with the 387 billion won average of 11 analyst estimates in an I/B/E/S Refinitiv poll.
    Hmm, LG and Samsung both seeing issues.
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  23. Dave Diddy

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    Love my LG OLED tv
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    Why does an 80% drop sound devastating?
  25. No way dude. It’s only Apple they’re terrible sell sell sell </s>
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