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    I took the pencil off my iPad Pro when I went to sleep to see if maybe that is what’s causing the overnight battery drain and I think it is? Past nights I’ve lost like 10-15% battery throughout the night, but last night it stayed at 92%

    Could it really be that the pencil is what’s causing the battery drain? I can deal with that since the battery life in general has been great for my uses and I’m glad it’s not some phantom app draining the battery but I am a bit surprised

    edit: i guess i’m not actually surprised. power-needing thing takes power from power-giving thing, so of course some battery is lost

    thus concludes my adventures in figuring out what’s going on
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    I don't think I'm arguing that point here... am I? I'm saying that your a fool if you think a lack of 3D touch has anything to do with dropping iPhone sales.
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    What a hilariously bad take
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    Followed by an actually good take
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    I only thing I got from this is that I will soon not need to worry about taking my Apple TV with me when I go home from campus.
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    Can anyone help me out? I removed a sticker from my late '16 MacBook Pro, and it left a sort of tattoo on the finish. It's basically a shadow of the sticker's design. Is there a way to clean it?

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  11. That looks like it’s faded into the finish, right? That’s not residue?
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    Yeah, I cleaned all the glue and stuff off.
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    Has anyone ever signed up for a subscription for an app and just had it not activate? I signed up for Bear Pro this morning, which offers a free trial for a month, but the app didn't register that I signed up so I don't have access to any of the features.

    I contacted Bear through their form already, but just curious if anyone else has come across this issue. The subscription shows up in my App Store account and everything. I even tried hitting restore purchases, but it says it can't find any active sub. Super weird.
  15. Weird. I've never seen that happen.
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    chuckled at Carrot Weather this morning telling me in some crass way that they wouldn't sell my share my location data. wish I took a screenshot.
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    Fixed it by hitting the subscribe button in the app again and having it then realize I already did that earlier. Still so weird haha.
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  18. Apple’s Errors
    This gets at the rest of the miss — the non-China parts, especially. Cook cited the end of carrier subsidies (largely an old story at this point, to be fair), a stronger U.S. dollar, and customers getting new batteries instead of new iPhones. It’s a bit of a hodgepodge with one primary takeaway: convincing customers to upgrade “good enough” phones is both challenging and unpredictable, and Apple can’t simply assume it will happen at the rate it has previously.

    Reasons for Optimism
    The good news for Apple is that, to the extent these errors really were predictable, there is nothing structurally different about the company’s competitive position today versus six months ago, when the current stock slide began.

    • The next iPhone hardware revision should sell better in China, simply by virtue of being new (and the implication of it being easy to switch away from iOS is that it’s easy to switch back).
    • Customers still prefer Apple’s flagship iPhones, no matter how expensive they are.
    • Headwinds like currency and battery replacement programs will go away, and phones, thanks to their centrality in people’s lives as well as the greater likelihood of harm, will always have a faster replacement cycle than PCs.
    This is good.
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    Does anyone else have problems with an Apple TV 4K here? Have to restart mine multiple times a day just to get apps to load. Or if they do I can’t get a 2 minute YouTube video to play.

    Streaming apps like ESPN don’t work either. Then I do a reboot and everything works fine.

    Really annoying.
  20. I've never had that happen. Is it updated? That seems like a flaw with something.
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    I have to reboot mine maybe once every month or so because an app (usually Hulu) won’t load. It’s often enough that I noticed a trend but not so much that I think it’s a serious hardware or OS problem. Is it getting a consistent internet connection?
  22. Samsung Feels Apple's Pain as Technology Slowdown Hits Sales - Bloomberg
    Deteriorating relations between the U.S. and China — Samsung’s two biggest export destinations — has hit demand for memory used in everything from personal computers to mobile devices, raising the pressure on a company struggling to revitalize its smartphone business. Compounding that challenge is weakness at rival, and major customer of components, Apple, which shocked global markets last week when it cut its sales outlook for the first time in almost two decades.

    Not just Apple.
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  23. I downloaded this Linea Sketch app for the iPad, and it’s awesome. Makes me wanna sketch out a new feature or design on the graph paper.
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    Hey AirPod people- is there a way to pair just one of them, while still having them both in your ears? I realize you can take one out and have all the sound go to the other one, but I have kind of a weird issue...

    I'm pretty much deaf in my left ear. That said, when a sound reaches a certain decibel level, I do have sound awareness in the ear, but it comes through just as static. Basically, when things get loud, it's like the world is radio station that only kinda comes in. Right ear is all clear, left ear is static. Anyways, I'd like to be able to have all the sound come through one pod, while leaving the other one in my dead ear to act as an ear plug to block loud outside noises.

    Also, I realize this has probably been asked a million times and I apologize... but how are they for running? Ever since my ear fucked off I've been using traditional ear buds and just wrapping the one on my left side around it and letting it dangle. It's real annoying.
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    Wife got it as well. Has quickly become her favorite drawing app. I have no artistic talent but looks pretty cool to me.
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