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Discussion in 'Technology Forum' started by Melody Bot, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. The Nylas email app (for Mac) keeps getting better and better. Still definitely in better, but each time I use it I feel like it's getting closer and closer to being my default app.
  2. Nick

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    Is there any good twitter apps for os x? what's the best if so?
  3. Snewt

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    Tweetbot hands down is the best I've used. Especially if you also use it for iPhone/iPad since it syncs your timeline across devices.
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  4. Nick

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    sweet, thank you I'll look into it!
  5. Alec Joy

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    Anybody in here use Mail Pilot 2? I bought it shortly after the Mailbox announcement (RIP) but it's honestly been less stable for me than Mailbox (which was not stable at all). It crashes almost every time I use it. I never see anyone else complaining about it so I'm not sure if it's something with my computer (I'm a developer so it wouldn't be the first time one of my programming tools messed with an app) or what but it's driving me crazy.
  6. I have not had it crash on me, and I've been using it almost exclusively the past few months. (In conjunction with Nylas, which keeps getting better).
  7. Alec Joy

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    Checking the App Store reviews it seems to be almost 50-50 rather you have no issues at all or near constant issues. Honestly wonder what it could be.
  8. Jacob Tender @podchasmfm @banthafodderfm Supporter

    Hi. Longtime Plex user here. Awesome to see the surge in interest in our circles.
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  9. Me too! It's really great. Changed how I watch basically everything now, haha.
  10. Jacob Tender @podchasmfm @banthafodderfm Supporter

    Since freshman year of college, I've had Plex and (someone else's) Netflix. It's essential to keeping up with a lot of the shows I watch. The 'watch it anywhere' aspects of Plex were an added bonus to the organizational aspects I was looking for.
  11. Exactly. It takes out the most annoying parts of dealing with files — adding the meta data — and keeps everything organized and track of where you are. Plus, I love being able to have it on all my devices or syncing before a trip (I bought the PlexPass). Truly think the Apple TV app alone made it worth the price of the device. I set up a couple automatic RSS downloads for some TV shows to the media server, and I've been really happy with how it works. Turn on the Apple TV at night and my latest episodes are waiting for me.

    PS: I saw on your blog that you tried Helium and didn't like it, I was having similar issues. I've been using Fluid Browser the past week or so and think it's a whole lot better. Maybe worth giving it a look.
  12. I am an idiot. I meant MailPlane 3 is what I am using. Not Mail Pilot. I was not thinking straight with that one. Sorry about that, I haven't used Mail Pilot at all.

    :left: moron. Needed more sleep.
  13. Jacob Tender @podchasmfm @banthafodderfm Supporter

    I will check that out. Thank you. I saw Fluid in my search, but thought it might do more than what I needed. I'm adverse to software clutter, but it piles up all the same.

    What is your download method for RSS? I'm member to a totally legal tracker with totally legal files, but haven't found any great methods for automatically grabbing new shows as they become available.
  14. I'm using an app called Otomatic.
  15. Jacob Tender @podchasmfm @banthafodderfm Supporter

    It was Automatic 2 I used before. Will give this another go. I'm determined to do zero work to get my soaps.
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  16. cryates

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    I've been running the iOS 9.3 beta, and I can tell Night Shift is having a positive effect on me at night. I had never really used f.lux before that much, so this was kind of a new experience for me.
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  18. Jacob Tender @podchasmfm @banthafodderfm Supporter


    But how will this work?
  19. cryates

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    Holy shit that looks crazy
  20. troyplaysbass

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    That artist's rendering of the design at the end looks insane.
  21. beachdude

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    Apple Music being slow/buggy as hell for me right now.
  22. Jacob Tender @podchasmfm @banthafodderfm Supporter

    @Jason Tate how often do you find yourself using Force Touch? It didn't seem compelling enough for an upgrade.
  23. I use it for two main functions: OmniFocus, to quickly add something into my Inbox, and I use it to move the cursor around in a text box to make edits a lot. It's one of those little things I find myself missing when on my iPad (like now) and use more than I would subjectively guess.

    (God user tagging is awesome to do things like this.)
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  24. Jacob Tender @podchasmfm @banthafodderfm Supporter

    Viticci is the only person I'm listening to or reading that ever has anything beneficial to say about Force Touch regularly. Do you think that's a result of poor implementation by developers or sheer lack of need on the user end?