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Apple Music to Get Design Overhaul

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, May 4, 2016.

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    Bloomberg is reporting that Apple Music will be getting a pretty big overhaul this year:

    Following a management shakeup, the service’s new look is being overseen by content head Robert Kondrk and Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor. Design chief Jony Ive’s team also has provided input, along with Iovine and Eddy Cue, the senior vice president in charge of Internet services.

    9to5Mac has more on what the new look may be, and it’s described as a more “black and white” interface:

    The new user-interface ditches the current colorful and translucent look in favor of a simpler design that emphasizes black and white backgrounds and text. For instance, the user interface in the albums view will no longer change in appearance based on the color of a particular album’s art. While the new interface will eschew color in the user-interface, album artwork will become “huge” and a larger part of the interface in order to avoid a dull black and white look, according to people who have seen the updated Apple Music service.

    There’s a small aside at the bottom saying that iTunes itself will get a minor update this year with a larger revamp expected next year. My argument has long been that iTunes needs to be separated into different apps. There’s just too much going on. I’m still using, and for the most part enjoying, Apple Music. The ability to combine my library with the Apple Music library remains the killer feature for me, but god damn when the bugs hit they are infuriating. I currently have two versions of “Thrice” in my library even though they’re named the same and I’ve checked all the sorting options and tried renaming them multiple times. I mean what the hell.

  2. benschuyler

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    This is much needed. Simple, simple, simple. That's all I want.
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  3. NotBruce


    Oh, I'm ready.
  4. ReiAndCoke


    For a company that's typically pretty top tier when it comes to design, iTunes is a train wreck. They could also do something about how ridiculous it is to simply drag/drop music without syncing and everything. It's so damn confusing (especially when you try setting up sync and it starts deleting all the music on your phone), I just download hack job third party apps that do what I need.
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  5. Jake Z


    Not really excited about the Apple Music part. I love the current layout and don't know how much more "simple" you can make it, without it being completely dull. I guess we will see.
  6. Zip It Chris

    Be kind; everyone is on their own journey.

    I had that same issue with The Flatliners in my library, never got it iTunes I would copy and paste anything under info that I was changing and don't recall any organizational issues though. Frustrating stuff though!
  7. aw, i actually liked how the background of an album corresponded with its colors.
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  8. josh-

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    Yeah seriously what the hell
  9. crunchprank Prestigious

    "Syncing" is the most frustrating thing ever.
  10. FTank

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    This doesn't sound like something I want to happen
  11. FTank

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    Also, agreed about all the bugs. There are too many things wrong with it for a service that's been on the market for nearly a year. I mean, the entire Android app is an absolute trainwreck.
  12. carlosonthedrums

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    Speaking of stupid iTunes issues, I have two film scores that for whatever reason will never import to my iPod. V For Vendetta and the Lord of the Rings trilogy will under no circumstances make their way onto the damn thing, despite the fact that they were once there without a problem. I have the physical copies, so I've even tried deleting the songs and importing the albums back into iTunes to see if it picks it up. Nope. Asked a dude at the Apple store. Nope. No Howard Shore and Dario Marianelli for me.
  13. carlosonthedrums

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  14. I mean, the more Thrice, the better, amiright?
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  15. teebs41

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    Lol that is hilarious though, @Jason Tate yoi probably did this but you looked at "album artist" right, sometimes those are different and that will separate them
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  16. disambigujason

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    Agreed with everyone else on digging the album colors. As someone who uses iTunes exclusively for music, I don't have the separation problem, but less-sloppy syncing would be great.
  17. Multiple times.
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  18. mgiannotti

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    I've had this problem too, but I have a way that fixes it for me. I go to Albums, and then I highlight all of the artist's albums and either add or get rid of the Album Artist, and then they're all in one place.
  19. FTank

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    Sometimes when I have a problem like that, I go and change all of them to something different, which lumps them together, then change it back and that seems to work. So in this example I'd change everything labeled Thrice to "Thrices" or something and this may put them under the same artist -- then they'll stay that way when you take the extra s off. Just a thought.
  20. Tried that too. Haha. I did to with all the songs, all the albums, gave them new names, sorted names. Tried it all!
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  21. mgiannotti

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    Hmm, that's really weird. Only other thing I can think of is, if you have the physical files, delete them out of your iTunes and put them back in, which I'm sure you've also tried. Good luck, haha.
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  22. FTank

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    I second that, haha, that would bug the shit out of me.
  23. Owlex

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    This intrigues me. I wanted to like Apple Music, I really did. But I didn't care much for the interface and the bugs (although my trial was the first three months of the service) were enough to keep me with Spotify. But I'd definitely check out a revamped version
  24. CMilliken


    I'm looking forward to this. I chose Apple Music over Spotify cause it had a better app at the time. Still has issues that could be worked out to make it better.
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  25. Yellowcard2006


    Black and white interface? That's a popular choice these days.
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