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Apple Music Launches New Get Up! Mix

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Mar 24, 2020.

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    Apple Music has launched a “Get Up!” playlist.

    t’s introducing a new algorithmic playlist called the Get Up! Mix that the company says is full of “happy-making, smile-finding, sing-alonging music.” With the help of human editors, it will update the playlist each week with new songs. Think: Discovery Weekly, but with a focus on playing tunes that will encourage good vibes — though there’s the promise of discovering new music as well.

    Mine looks pretty good. Yellowcard, Something Corporate, and Less Than Jake, all definitely get my spirits up. Ending on Pennywise’s “Peaceful Day” sure is a choice though.

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  2. thevheissu

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    I got The Downfall of Us All by A Day to Remember and The Obituaries by The Menzingers on mine...not sure what they are trying to say but it seem bad.

    also Cruel Summer by T Swift...ouch...
  3. theredline

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    Any time LTJ plays it perks me up!
  4. JRGComedy

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  5. the first song on mine is "Say You'll Never Leave" by Saves the Day which seems like a, uh, negative way to start a day
  6. LuigiPeppercorn

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    mine starts with fire ready aim

    oh god no
  7. Mattww


    So funny

    Mine includes we are sick by from Indian lakes and end of the world by seahaven

    Nice picks!