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Apple Music Hits 40 Million Subscribers

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 12, 2018.

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    Apple Music has hit 40 million subscribers:

    The service still has a ways to go before it surpasses Spotify, which currently has 70 million paid Premium subscribers. A report in The Wall Street Journal earlier this year suggests that Apple Music’s quicker growth rate (five percent versus Spotify’s two percent growth) could mean it surpassing the Swedish streaming service as soon as this summer, however.

  2. theasteriskera

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    I've never used Apple Music, & absolutely LOVE Spotify Premium. Could a few of you give me the pros & cons of Apple vs Spotify?
  3. chcougar1


    Apple is doing a 3 month free trial. I’m doing it now. For me as a casual user I don’t notice a big difference. Spotify has charts and I don’t yet see them in Apple Music.
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  4. theasteriskera

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    I should probably do that as well. I like that Spotify links up with Songkick for shows based on what I listen to. I also really like the end of the year listening data that Spotify gives users every year
  5. Apple Music Pro: Your media library combines with it so you can have your own personal files with you everywhere too. If you are all in on the Apple ecosystem, having access to your music on all your devices + Apple TV is great.

    Spotify Pro: Their playlists and recommendations and data stuff are great.

    Spotify Con: Their apps kinda suck.

    Apple Music Con: Their playlist and recommendation stuff is only ok. iTunes can be a pain in the ass.
  6. scottlechowicz

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    And the awful way Apple Music lists every damn single under “albums” which makes it impossible to find any hip hop artists actual records.

    I have no idea how Apple has not fixed this yet.

    Other than that, I would say that I’m happy I made the conversion last year from Spotify Pro to Apple Music.
  7. Larry David

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    I use both because Apple has some thing Spotify doesn't have and vice versa.

    With Spotify you have the ability to scrobble directly from the desktop version which is nice. With Apple Music you have to download an app to sync up with it. (I use Eavescrob)

    Apple Music has this thing it does which is infuriating where if you add an entire bands discography, suddenly there will be songs missing within the album because they auto-added the bands greatest hits(if anyone knows the fix for this please let me know)

    These are the things that are important to me. I'm sure others will have other breakdowns as well!
  8. GageStillAlive

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    I love Apple Music, I used Spotify for awhile and dug it but having my music automatically syncing to all my Apple devices was a game changer for me. I also don't think Spotify works on Apple Watch so that's a downside.
  9. Dave Diddy

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    Yeah as others have mentioned, Apple Music is great if you're already pretty deep in the apple ecosystem, apple watch, macbook, homepod, etc. In my opinion the biggest difference is the playlists and recommendations. Apple Music is okay at that but I think that's Spotify's best feature. Apple Music is good at updating their super popular rap/pop playlists but other genres don't always get the same treatment.
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  10. chcougar1


    This. The albums sorting is awful.
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  11. kiguel182


    Having all Apple stuff being a Apple Music subscriber is a no-brainer. The integration with Siri and Apple Watch it's pretty great.

    I'm not a fan of Spotify's interface and just general way of organising stuff but they are definetly ahead when it comes to recommendations and discovery. Apple has improved that aspect but not nearly fast enough compared to Spotify (which is also continually improving in that aspect from what I understand).

    Also, separating Albums from EPs and Singles should be a priority!

    I like the service a lot. It isn't rdio when it comes to interface (I still miss rdio!!) but it's the closest we got I think and all the Apple integration stuff is a big plus for me.
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  12. Orville


    This article is either region specific which i didn't pick up on or just flat out inaccurate, cause last time i checked spotify's user base was twice that amount.

    Or are spotify users just dropping like flies?
  13. Jonathan

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    Check out Beats1 – their shows make it worth the cost alone for me, especially the interviews that Zane Lowe conducts. There are artists I would've never checked out otherwise, but really liked what they had to say in interviews and then went on to listen/love (example off the top of my head was the Big Sean interview.) Elton John's Rocket Hour is an awesome show, as is HAIM Time, etc.

    Didn't know you could scrobble still! Is there an active community doing that still? Thanks for the tip.

    This this this.
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  14. TJ Wells

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    I’m a Spotify user and I think that kinda is being generous.
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  15. clucky

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    Putting "Their app kinda sucks" as a spotify con when the android app for apple music is downright unusable is pretty lol
  16. Don’t use Android tho, most (all?) of their apps are pretty lol imo. (Or don’t use Apple Music if you’re on Android if that’s more your bag. I just assumed that’s a given.)
  17. I hate all Electron-looking/acting apps like that on MacOS. They’re just annoying.
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  18. Ben Lee

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    Spotify to Apple Music here, and I’m pretty happy with it. The only thing I miss is that when I had Spotify, I could be playing a song on my iPad (hooked up to my stereo system) and I could adjust everything right from my phone app (volume, next song, play pause) almost like a remote. I don’t think I can do that with Apple, which seems crazy to me. Can I do that? That seems crazy that I can’t but I haven’t figured it out.