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Apple Music Debuting New Personalized Playlist

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jun 28, 2017.

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    This week Apple is beginning to roll out the first new personalized playlist under Apple Music’s ‘For You’ section. The playlist, entitled ‘Chill’ is muxed based on editorial curation and algorithmic interpretation of your musical tastes.

    A small number of test users got the new playlist yesterday evening. An updated Chill playlist will be delivered every Sunday to users who join the test group, which will roll out through the summer.

  2. FrankieThe4th Jun 28, 2017
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    things have never been stranger Prestigious

    Bit of an odd name choice.

    (Also, took me a bit longer than it should have to realize 'muxed' was supposed to be 'mixed'.)

    EDIT: It wasn't supposed to be.
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  3. People have been using "muxed" to mean "curate/combine/create a playlist" lately, I've seen it quite a few places.
  4. FrankieThe4th

    things have never been stranger Prestigious

    Huh, that's interesting. Feels a little awkward spoken aloud.
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  5. It's one of those things I think sounds super weird, and then I'll find myself using at some point cause I keep seeing it.
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