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Apple Music Connect Expected to be Demoted in iOS 10

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, May 6, 2016.

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    Mark Gurman, writing for 9to5Mac, on how Apple Music’s Connect is expected to be “demoted” in iOS 10:

    In the iOS 10 Apple Music redesign, the Connect feature will follow Ping’s lead and will be demoted. Apple Music Connect currently exists as its own tab across the Apple Music interface, but multiple sources say that the feature will lose its tab and become integrated into the “For You” recommendations page. Connect will still exist within applicable artist pages as it does today, but its demotion from the set of Apple Music tabs indicates that the feature has not lived up to Apple’s expectations from last year. Along with the demotion, Connect is unlikely to see notable new features this year.

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  2. I almost forgot the Connect tab was a thing
  3. disambigujason

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    I found some setting soon after Apple Music was released to replace the connect tab with playlists, so I'm bummed connect will once again be visible in some way. Unless a big artist used it themselves to actually, well, connect, it's always struck me a pointless feature. Might as well just replace it with their Twitter feed.
  4. Jonathan

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  5. Jacob Davidson


    It was never something I used.
  6. Craig Ismaili

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    Apple fails again at any sort of social media function. They are so good at so many other things but not so good at that.
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  7. Micool1

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    Where is that setting? I've never seen that!
  8. disambigujason

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  9. Micool1

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