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Apple Music Adds Two New Custom Playlists

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Sep 5, 2016.

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    Apple Music has added two new weekly playlists to the “For You” section of the service. The first comes out on Wednesday and is a “My Favorites Mix” that is based on songs you love. The second is a “My New Music Mix” that comes out on Friday and contains new music from artists that Apple thinks you’ll like. It looks like, currently, this is only available on the iOS 10 beta version of the service, but I hope they end up bringing it to the desktop as well.

  2. Basically the Apple version of Spotify Discover Weekly, I'm on board for it. One of my most missed Spotify features.
  3. efp722


    Yeah. I enjoy using Spotify but I miss the deeper intergration of Apple Music that I get on my watch, iPad, and Apple TV. Looking forward to giving Apple Music 2.0 a try when iOS 10 drops.
  4. Honeymagnolia

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    Spotify discover weekly and Release radar are so good. I love release radar as it has some really cool new bands on it as well as things I may have missed.
  5. Derek Wright

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    This is necessary! I dig the playlist tracking the songs you love. This feature will for sure make me use Apple Music more.
  6. Owlex

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    Interesting. Been thinking of trying it out again soon, if I hear good things about this I might cave.
  7. goation


    I would like this feature but I can't stand the new look to the app in iOS 10. It reminds me of the really sucky Windows Music (now Groove Music) service I used to use because you could get it using Bing Search Reward Points haha. I love the way the app looks now. I would cancel it once iOS 10 comes out, but I love having exclusives and some records out a week early.