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Apple Music’s Record Label Pages

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jun 11, 2021 at 10:22 AM.

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    Zane Lowe talked with Rolling Stone about Apple Music’s new record label pages:

    “We want to highlight labels that are really hyper-focused on building great quality. The labels we’re partnering with here are the ones where I want to search for their logo on the back of the record and would buy music unheard because I trust that,” Lowe says. “That to me is really the culture that we’re trying to represent from a label point of view here. In a way, this is an opportunity for us to reestablish the concept of a label as something more than just a bank. To look at the label system again as more than just a distribution model or an investment model, but actually as a place where music, art and culture is fostered in a really deliberate and very thoughtful way.”

    Where’s my Drive-Thru Records page, Zane?


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  2. alkalinexandy

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    Honestly, I've always thought it would be super fun to be able to look through releases by label. Mostly because it might encourage Fat Wreck, Epitaph, Hopeless, Jade Tree, etc. to finally put all of their cheap $5 comps from the mid-90s to the early 2000s on those streaming services.
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  3. Bayside 182

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    Wow I always was hoping for this feature, very cool