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Apple Introduces New Wireless, Noise-Cancelling Beats Studio3 Headphones

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Sep 5, 2017.

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    Beats have announced their new, over the ear, Studio3 wireless headphones:

    Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones deliver a premium listening experience with Pure Adaptive Noise Cancelling (Pure ANC) to actively block external noise, and real-time audio calibration to preserve clarity, range and emotion. It continuously pinpoints external sounds to block while automatically responding to individual fit in real-time, optimising sound output to preserve a premium listening experience the way artists intended.

  2. Iamhollywood315


    Beats are a status symbol. Are these headphones even good audio quality wise? Before Apple bought them it was proven the headphones were shit component wise but everyone had to have them for that image
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  3. disambigujason

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    my sister got the solo 3 as part of the education pricing for a MacBook; i think they sound quite good but not significantly better than my significantly cheaper sol republic headphones. for what its worth i think the beats are far and away the best looking headphones in that price point; the red ones look sick.
  4. bloodinthesand


    There are SO many headphones better than beats for $350....UGH......
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  5. morken

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    I have owned a few pairs of semi expensive studio headphones (beyerdynamic dt 770, Sony mdr-7506. The Beats Studio Wireless have been my go-to headphones whenever I'm out and about for the last couple years. Sound is great, they fit really well (firm but not too tight) and the battery is really good. This version looks to be doubling down on all that, so.. Thumbs up.
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  6. efp722


    My Bose QC15 are getting up there in age, but still work perfectly fine. I use them daily. I'd only ever consider these new Beats because of the W1 Chip. I am really hoping that tech opens up to other manufactures and that there isn't a big surcharge because of it.
  7. But are there wireless/W1/noise canceling ones better?
  8. Ryan

    Might be Spider-Man...

    Thats what I've always heard, every single person who I know that's had them has said they're overrated and overpriced
  9. bloodinthesand


    Yep, quite a bit
  10. bloodinthesand


  11. japankyku


    If you want a great headphones, buy FOCAL UTOPIA, HiFiMan SUSVARA, or Abyss AB-1266 Phi!
  12. Please don't spend more money than some cars on headphones.
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  13. defmytones


    I need to find this dealership that sells cars for the cheap O.o
  14. carrytheweird

    I have a pair of Beats that I use for my electric set that work pretty great. They were a gift though, so I didn't really seek them out. Curious, has the quality or products changed at all since Apple acquired them? Better or worse?
  15. disambigujason

    Trusted Supporter

    I was looking through reviews of various beats products and it seems like the sound has gotten a lot more competitive. Ive only listened to the solo 3's myself but given the W1 and how good they look, I could see why one might sacrifice some sound quality and still pay that price, tho I'm not sure I would. 4 years ago I questioned my sanity spending just $100 on headphones...
  16. Ska Senanake


  17. defmytones


    Being as someone that works at the fruit store, I would say the quality in terms of sound hasn't really advanced since being acquired. However much longer battery life and ease of connectivity with the W1 chip have made them very appealing.
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