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Apple Announces Podcast Updates

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jun 12, 2017.

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    Apple has announced some new podcast updates. Jason Snell, over at Six Colors, has a good rundown:

    The other big news out of today’s session is for podcasters (and presumably for podcast advertisers): Apple is opening up in-episode analytics of podcasts. For the most part, podcasters only really know when an episode’s MP3 file is downloaded. Beyond that, we can’t really tell if anyone listens to an episode, or how long they listen—only the apps know for sure.

    Apple said today that it will be using (anonymized) data from the app to show podcasters how many people are listening and where in the app people are stopping or skipping. This has the potential to dramatically change our perception of how many people really listen to a show, and how many people skip ads, as well as how long a podcast can run before people just give up.

  2. kielhauck @kielhauck

    This is huge. I hosted a podcast for a brand for three years before leaving the company earlier this year. We were fortunate enough to turn a profit by selling ad space after growing our audience over the course of the first year and a half. Got asked constantly for deeper metrics that showed listener habits and how long listeners were staying with each episode. This has the potential to be massively enlightening for potential advertisers and impact the podcast market pretty drastically.
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  3. bodkins


    If I'm a podcaster that generates ad revenue I'd be a little worried right now. There are very few ad spots I don't skip through.
  4. Ryan

    Might be Spider-Man...

  5. Brenden

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    Maybe I'm in the minority but podcasts listening is such a passive activity for me I just hit play and let it play all the way.
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  6. bodkins


    Even if only half of listeners skip them I would assume that spells trouble.

    For me it depends on the podcast. Gimlet stuff that's always in the middle and at the end I'll skip every time. If the show weaves in and out relatively quickly, I feel like Maron is pretty good at this, I'll let ride. Podcasters/advertisers will have to figure it out I guess.
  7. Brenden

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    Now that I think of it if I ever listen to Joe Rogan experience I usually skip the first 10 minutes because it's all ads. But that's because I realized they all start like that.
  8. coleslawed

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    the number of people that actually end up buying from the ads won't change though, just the details of the metrics.
    so if a company saw that, say, 10% of listeners engaged with an ad out of the total number of downloads, now they'll see the number jump up because they can now see how many people engaged out of the number of people who actually heard the ad.
  9. bodkins