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Apple Announces First Ever Apple Music Awards

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Dec 3, 2019.

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    The inaugural Apple Music awards will take place tomorrow night. The company has designed unique awards to be presented to the winners.

    Apple has designed a series of awards to celebrate the extraordinary craftsmanship integral to creating music. Each award features Apple’s custom silicon wafer suspended between a polished sheet of glass and a machined and anodized aluminum body. The wafers start as a perfect 12-inch disc of silicon with nanometer level flatness. Copper layers are deposited and patterned by ultraviolet lithography to create connections between billions of transistors. The result of this multi-month process, before it is sliced into hundreds of individual chips, is stunning and distinctive. In a symbolic gesture, the same chips which power the devices that put the world’s music at your fingertips sit at the very heart of the Apple Music Awards.

    I want one.


  2. Why is the award so pretty? I want one too haha
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    This paragraph describes Apple in a nutshell. Take something already existing, spend a lot of time to tweak it so it's better, then sell it for way more than the competition (I'm just guessing that this is more expensive). Profit.