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Apple’s Keynote is Full of Goodies

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jun 5, 2017.

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    Apple kicked off their developer conference this week with a slew of announcements in their keynote. A bunch of the Macs got speed-bumps, the new iMac Pro looks lust-worthy, and iOS 11 has a whole bunch of new features specifically designed for the iPad.

    Then there’s the new HomePod speaker. It’s pitched as a great speaker that includes Siri.

    Some quick thoughts:

    • I’m glad to see Apple dedicated to updating their Mac line-up with new processors and little speed-bumps when available. This gives me faith in the Mac platform going forward.
    • While the name of the new macOS, “High Sierra,” is sure to be the butt of a lot of jokes, I like that it signifies a bug-fix and more small improvement release.1
    • That iMac Pro with the black accessories burns me at my core with envy. I want one. That price tag puts it outside of my grasp for now though. I’m sure a lot of “pros” will be happy to see these kinds of specs in a new machine.
    • The iPad specific updates to iOS 11 look fantastic. They look to be moving the iPad more toward to Mac in terms of what it can do productivity wise. Multi-tasking, file management, and drag and drop are all things we take for granted on a Mac, but I think bringing them to the iPad in a new way is far better than just trying to shoehorn a touch interface onto the Mac. It actually made me want an new iPad with an Apple Pencil. I yearned for something like this in college.2
    • The HomePod looks interesting. I think pitching it as a great speaker first is a smart marketing move. It sets expectations. A great speaker that works with Apple Music and does some Siri stuff? That’s enticing to me. I like my Amazon Echo, but the speaker isn’t great and it doesn’t integrate with my Apple Music account — that’s two great selling points for me right there. It’s on the pricey side (no shock there), but this feels like the kind of device I’d love to have in the living room to play music with, and if the multi-device syncing is as good as advertised, I think I’d look to this before a Sonos system. I’m intrigued. The sound quality will be the make or break moment for me.
    • The Safari browser will be shipping with the ability to stop auto-play videos. It’s interesting to me how much of Safari and Chrome are having to be devoted to basically “fixing” so much of the gross bullshit websites are being filled up with today. Not a good sign for the web.

    1. Now let’s hope they fix some of the Bluetooth issues I see on a daily basis.

    2. My laptop was so heavy I couldn’t even take it to class comfortably. Fuck I’m old.

  2. CyberInferno

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    "High Sierra" is the worst name for an OS since...Mavericks (why the fuck was it plural? Why not Maverick"?)

    "iMac Pro is scheduled to ship in December starting at $4,999 (US). More details can be found at" -- Wait—starting at $4,999? That's absolutely ridiculous unless their base computer has a 1TB PCIe SSD, >= 32GB RAM, etc. Though I'm glad that they're including a 10 gbps ethernet card in it. Even if that won't help the majority of people, it's nice to see someone dedicated to good wired ethernet when most companies are happier shelling out more expensive wifi that only works at its rated speeds within 5 feet of the router.

    I'm curious why they went with AMD over Nvidia. Maybe Vega won't be as much of a disappointment as the RX series has been. Hopefully, AMD nails it like they did for the most part with Ryzen. I'm tired of Nvidia being #1 and AMD only competing at the mid/low-end.
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  4. paperlung

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    They left the headphone jack in the iMac pro. How am i supposed to listen with my earpods with a lightning cable? Will this ship with an adapter???


    Overall, I was actually pretty impressed with all the news today.
  5. bloodinthesand


    The homepod will never top the Ultimate Ears products. Apple doesn't put enough into their sound quality
  6. hoodrat


    Interested in the updated iMac 5K for my next desktop, but going to squeeze another year or two out of my 2008 Mac Pro. HomePod looks pretty cool, I might get one (assuming that saying "Hey Siri" doesn't activate every device I own). iOS 11 as a whole looks underwhelming, aside from the iPad features which I hope the Air 2 will support (might sell mine and get that 10.5 Pro though). Peer to peer Apple Pay is pretty huge though. Really disappointed in the lack of updated features for tvOS and WatchOS.
  7. Early reports are it sounds phenomenal. The tech in there is impressive, I'm looking forward to hearing it myself.
  8. Iamhollywood315


    Do you prefer a speaker like this to jam music in your living room over a receiver powering bookshelf speakers and subwoofer? I'd like to check out the speaker but Apple TV and the setup I listed I think I'd prefer.
  9. My living room is really more "the kitchen area" and a couch and table. It's an open condo. So the Apple TV is on a tv with speakers not far away, but for not having to turn anything on and having access to great sound and my music collection -- I think this would be a win.
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  10. CMilliken


    Does anyone know if the screen shot editing tools will work on the iPhone too?
  11. tdlyon

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    Is iOS11 gonna revert the iPhone music app back to being not hideous?
  12. CyberInferno

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    Now see, that's what I get for literally not even googling it. I still maintain that it was a shitty name though!
    At least I nailed a couple of the base specs without seeing them. Thanks for the link. I'll be curious how these sell. Personally, I'm not a fan of the all-in-ones because that screen alone is probably around $2k of that cost (which I also overlooked when railing on it). Which means when you want to upgrade your computer, you're out of luck with that display (unless it comes with monitor inputs which I don't believe it does—please feel free to correct me if current 5k display iMacs do).
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  13. failinginplace


    my feeling is that it won't as it was something picked specifically for the iOS update on iPad and is to be paired with the stylus. i'd say set your expectations low and be pleasantly surprised if it somehow does work on iPhone. it would be nice though.
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  14. failinginplace


    i felt like today's keynote was just a barrage of announcements. i listen to a lot of podcasts at 1.5x and i felt like that was the pace of this keynote. it was bonkers.

    here's some of my takeaways from today:
    1. i wish they had actually done something with carplay besides make a text autoresponder.
    2. amazon prime on apple tv is awesome. im surprisingly super excited about that. otherwise, nothing until the fall.
    3. i was just saying to my wife over the weekend that i think i'm going to need a new imac soon. i have the 21.5 late 2013 model, but it has been getting hung up on weird things recently. and i crunch a lot of video in FCPX and i think I'm going to make the jump to the 27in 5k one. it's definitely going to be expensive (close to $2400 after i configure it) but i think it will be a good investment in my company. i hope the reviews are positive on this one.
    4. im torn on the new control center. i like how everything is on the one screen because i hate the current iteration, but this also looks cluttered as hell. will have to see how it handles when it rolls out. it would be nice if you could reconfigure where some of the controls are.
    5. homepod looks promising, and if it has good reviews i'll probably pick one up. the biggest thing apple has going for it is their stance on privacy, which is why i haven't picked up an alexa or whatever the google one is called. i'm not a fan of the always listening feature, but if they coded it right, homepod may alleviate this concern.
    5a. do you think tom cruise regrets naming his kid suri? i hope it's a constant reminder that he hasn't seen his daughter in like four years lol.
    6. Sierra High AF. C'mon.
    7. nice that they sprinkled some bread crumbs for the MacBook Air fans.

    also, what are the odds that HomePod can be synced up to the Apple TV for sound?
  15. Iain


    I agree with you. A ipad air , 8 years ago when i started uni would have been phenomenal. I find myself wanting one, but i don't really have a need for it to justify dropping the $ on it anymore.
  16. CyberInferno

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    I think they have an official or unofficial policy where you can return a product within 28 days (twice the normal 14-day return period) if a new product is announced.

    My dad has this where we bought an iMac, and three weeks later, the new iMac was announced and available in stores. We called the store, and they said to just bring it back and they would swap them out for us. And we were actually outside their grace period.

    So I'd recommend calling them and explaining your predicament. Hopefully they'll just let you return it for store credit.
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  17. House Of Wolves


    Just spoke with customer service. I'm two weeks outside their 14-day window. Bummer.
  18. coleslawed

    Eat Pizza

    since it's Macbook vs iMac, probably not.
  19. CyberInferno

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    Darn. Sorry to hear that. Worth a shot though.
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  20. EntryLevelDave

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    It might be worth going into the store and asking again. I worked in one of them and when you're on the phone it's pretty rigid to the policy where in person they usually try to break whatever rules they can think of to make things work. Just a thought.
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  21. Micool1

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    On iPhone there is a little thumbnail that appears in the corner when you take a screenshot and you can go draw/highlight/sign the screenshot when you click on it.
    They actually put that whole design in the App Store and there are big bold titles everywhere else (Settings, Messages, etc.)
    So I guess it is here to stay.