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  1. Shakriel

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    My only complaint is there will be days where I get sniped by like 3-4 different teams at once and it gets so frustrating.
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  2. David87

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    Yeah it definitely needs feels like 3rd partying happens more often. I’ll be sniping at one team and then all of a sudden I’m getting laser gunned in the side of my head from some other team 300 meters away lol
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  3. Dave Diddy

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    I haven't played enough since the new map came out to really give it a fair assessment probably but I think I preferred Kings Canyon more. I liked the close up engagements. I kind of wish they'd increase the player count for the new map. It's larger and feels a little more empty.
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  4. Zach


    I’d agree there, the few games I’ve had the opportunity to play I’ve gone the entire game without seeing anyone and suddenly I’m top three
  5. Dog with a Blog

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    I didn’t really think about it but yeah I have been sniping a lot as of late. And often times at the end of the round I won’t have too many kills but I’ll have a really high damage count cause I’ll hit/knock people from far away and not get a chance to finish the job
  6. Vase Full Of Rocks


    The multiple team thing is so frustrating. It's a like someone hears a gunshot and yells "Dogpile!"
  7. SmithBerryCrunch

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    I love the new map. It's refreshing after playing King's Canyon for so long.
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  8. Dog with a Blog

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    This game I was just wrecking with the Havoc + Turbocharger so that was fun


    This game was fucking hilarious. We decided that we had to grab the first two guns we saw, no matter what and stick with them to the end. That meant I was stuck with an Alternator and a Mozambique and somehow I got them both fully kitted and wrecked lol

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  9. Cameron

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    I’m telling you. If you fully upgrade the moz it actually can kill people.
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  10. David87

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    They nerfed the Longbow a little bit and it pisses me off lol