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  1. Literal


    giants are ":///"
  2. domestica

    My favorite color is rainbow

    You're dead to me
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  3. xslamfistx


    Me please.

    I know you want these Eagles
  4. Literal


    i have been an eagles fan all my life afterall

    sounds like a good deal for both
  5. xslamfistx


    OH BOY!

  6. Vanislh


    Getting rid of the Jets

    Season 3
  7. xkj1985x Aug 13, 2017
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    No video necessary for this. Received one vote each for two teams.

    Vanislh is now the Chicago Bears
    PBT is now the Green Bay Packers

    Denver Broncos & New York Jets are open. If you want them, you have one hour from now to notify me via PM. In the meantime, I am going to move forward with the team trade process.

    Current Outlook

    AFC East
    New England Patriots
    - ncsubball24 (EST)
    New York Jets - VACANT
    Buffalo Bills - zporter92 (EST)
    Miami Dolphins - VACANT

    AFC North
    Cincinatti Bengals
    - TSLRocks (EST)
    Pittsburgh Steelers - VACANT
    Baltimore Ravens - VACANT
    Cleveland Browns - believeland (EST)

    AFC South
    Houston Texans
    - Texas Fight (CST?)
    Indianapolis Colts - SeeTheLights (EST)
    Jacksonville Jaguars - Slyck (PST)
    Tennessee Titans - Someone's Coat (PST)

    AFC West
    Denver Broncos -
    Kansas City Chiefs - VACANT
    Oakland Raiders - xslamfistx (PST)
    San Diego Chargers - VACANT

    NFC East
    New York Giants
    - domestica(PST)
    Washington Redskins - jortiz (PST)
    Dallas Cowboys - xkj1985x (PST)
    Philadelphia Eagles - Literal (PST)

    NFC North
    Minnesota Vikings
    - Chris Kaman (EST)
    Green Bay Packers - PBT (EST)
    Detroit Lions - VACANT
    Chicago Bears - vanislh (EST)

    NFC South
    Carolina Panthers
    - lilbabyeli (EST??)
    Atlanta Falcons - wedemboyz88 (EST??)
    New Orleans Saints - VACANT
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Getupanddance (PST)

    NFC West
    Arizona Cardinals
    - Swoos (PST)
    Seattle Seahawks - ATLBraves1016 (EST?)
    Los Angeles Rams - Night Channels (CST)
    San Francisco 49ers - VACANT
  8. xkj1985x

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    Team Trading

    The team trading period is now open. All you need to know about this process can be found below, please read it all to understand what the expectations are here.

    For one of the first times ever in AP Madden history (for this process and ONLY this process) you do NOT have to have team trade discussions in this thread. You are welcome to talk and solicit your team for trade here all you’d like, but I’m not requiring it.

    If you want to work out a trade with another team via PM or whatever, knock yourselves out.


    ALL team trades must go through myself first via PM and that will work like this:

    Once you and another user have a trade worked out and are ready to finalize it, you will contact me via PM and let me know all the details.

    All I am looking for here is to make sure that it is at least somewhat balanced. I’m not looking for 100% fairness because I realize someone might be willing to give up a little more to get a specific team.

    What I am looking for is to make sure someone isn’t being absolutely fleeced so please don’t come to me with proposed trades that are ridiculously one sided—outside of that, I’m likely approving anything that comes through me.

    A few things to keep in mind when having these discussions:

    —Cap space. I know the cap doesn’t reflect in game as it does in the real life cap implications but its at least close. Make sure the players you trade away aren’t going to cripple your team cap wise. I may be looking for this when reviewing any proposal. If you want to deal a high dollar player in a deal, that’s fine but you just are going to need to understand and be ready to work your cap around your dead money when the league year starts.

    —Draft picks: If you are trading a team and are including picks, make sure you own those picks first. Remember, this game DOES reflect the picks your team has in real life. So if you want the Eagles, you cannot send a 2nd or 3rd round pick this year in your deal because the Eagles currently do not own a 2nd (CLE) or a 3rd (BUF) this year. I say this to BOTH teams, if you are trading and RECEIVING picks, make sure they exists because I will not be situating this during the season if you then realize the team you traded with doesn’t have the aforementioned picks.

    This process will go until THURSDAY, AUGUST 17th at 4PM EST. At that time, the list will be finalized and whatever open teams are then open to those who may join at a later time.

    Finally, you are only allowed ONE TEAM TRADE. If you trade your current team for another team, that’s it. You can’t deal for a team and then try to flip for another team—that’d be too tough to keep track of and I just don’t want to do it.

    Any questions?
  9. xkj1985x

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    if you would like to start talking player/draft trade, feel free to do so. I am still ironing out the whole process for review/approval of trades so any trade you make now is NOT locked in---you both can change your minds later so keep that in mind. Trades aren't locked in for processing until they are approved by the powers that be (who are to be determined).

    Do that at your own risk, if you'd like.
  10. xkj1985x

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    poor doug...in a division with a bunch of CPUs lol.
  11. ATL as a division mate is always good with me
  12. Literal


  13. xkj1985x

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    We have our first trade.

    Doug sends the Oakland Raiders to Kevin in exchange for the Philadelphia Eagles and a 7th round selection.
  14. ATLBraves1016


    If anyone wants the Seahawks, I'm open for business. Willing to move them for some package. Just needs to be a somewhat decent team I like (Pats, Bucs, Falcons, Eagles, Jags to name ones at the top of the list).
  15. xslamfistx


  16. xkj1985x

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  17. xkj1985x

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    I see a Seahawks-Bucs trade coming down the pipe....makes way too much sense not to happen
  18. ATLBraves1016


    Is relocation active this year? I did think it might be fun to relocate them to New Mexico or some shit. Trade/cut everyone from that team and erase em from the game. Was the plan if I got stuck with em.
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  19. Vanislh


    The Bears are not going to be moved.

    TRUBISKY BABY! #4 in my power rankings.
  20. Literal


  21. Believeland


    Browns are closed for business! Ready to get this show on the road.
  22. xkj1985x

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  23. Did the Cards draft a backup QB? Replacing Palmer is my only priority.
  24. Vanislh


  25. Vanislh


    KEVIN WHITE, on the block.

    72 overall
    - 93 speed
    - 91 acceleration
    - 75 strength
    - 88 agility
    -82 catching
    - 87 jumping
    - 86 BCV
    - 80 spin
    - 78 juke
    - 84 spectacular
    - 84 catch in traffic
    - 70 route running
    - 82 release
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