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AP Madden 16: Pre Season Baby Football

Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by foolton, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. foolton

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    I: Gameplay

    I.A: Exploits

    1. Illegal Plays: Nano Blitzing, Motioning Outward* or Mid-Motion Behind theOffensive Line Hiking, "rocket catching" (not the animation catches)Zigzagging your S/LBs to wiggle through the line (That fucks with the AI andyou dummies know that), Pulling guys off the line on punt returns.

    *Motioning Outward: All motioning must be INWARD or Left to Right/Right toLeft. NO Left side Left Motion or Right side Right Motion. (unless player comesto a complete stop for example: Motioning a left side TE to the left slot andhe stops at the LOS.) All motioning OUT OF THE BACKFIELD must come to acomplete stop BEFORE HIKING or it is illegal.

    2. Illegal position changes:

    WR can't t move
    QB can't move
    HB can't t move
    OL can only be moved to any OL position
    TE can only be moved to FB
    FB can only be moved to TE
    DE can only be moved to any DE/DT/LB position
    LB can only be moved to any LB/DE position
    DT can only be moved to DE

    DBs can move to wherever you want in the secondary. I'lll allow any Safety toCornerback or Cornerback to safety move

    3. No running your manually controlled defensive player around pre-snap tobuild up his acceleration.

    +Manually moving LBs around to reflect pass coverage or to a different spot onthe field is fine, However when you're building up the players acceleration inpreparation to jump through a gap/gain a step on the set lineman--thats wherethe problem lies. You may move your players around on the field prior to thesnap but at the snap, they should be set to avoid any suspect issues ofbuilding up ones acceleration to gain an advantage.

    4. No manually pulling the d-line to run around into coverage (DE or DT or anyLB @ DE or DE @ DT). Hot route hook zones and man coverage is okay if the AI iscontroller, but manually controlling a DE or DT to instantly drop into coverageis illegal

    5. HB/FB/TE BACKFIELD STREAKS: The HB/FB/TE (out of the backfield) Streak isbanned effective immediately. Ever since Doug started doing this, complaintshave been nearly non-stop in regards to it being a shady play. Sinceconversation started on this topic, other teams have started to adopt it withthe mindset "well if its not banned, I'm going to do it". So withthat being said, I am banning the HB/FB/TE (out of the backfield) Streakeffective immediately. There is no play in the playbook that has the HB/FB/TErunning a streak from the backfield, it a hot route audible that you have to doyourself and so with that being said, it will be banned immediately.

    I.B: Sportsmanship

    1. Cutthroat: If an opponent disconnects and you are able to take a win at ANYtime the game allows, you are free to do so.

    2. Grieving: If an opponent disconnects for grieving then you must quote thecommish for further action, but you also must have a screen shot showing theopponent was actually kicked for grieving before I do anything about it. Alsoat this time, please also present the situation of the game (Score,Quarter,Time Left, Down/Distance). This will be decided on a case by case basisas its clear to me that the whole "kicked for grieving" seems to be abit more broad than it was in past Maddens.

    3. Don't Be An Asshole: There is no reason to be running up the score on teamsjust because you can. You may play a game against an opponent significantlyworse than you are so simply play the game with class. If it gets out of handthen simply drain the clock and get it over with. This is something thatshouldn't have to be reiterated but the fact of the matter is, it does.

    4. I know we all hate each other, but please show some respect to youropponent. At the end of the day if I feel it is getting too personal over whowon a video game. Things are going to get heated at times but try to keep itmellow because if someone elects to report you and a mod takes it into his ownhands, not much I can do for you at that point so please, keep that in mind.

    5. 4th Down Rule

    1) You may go for it on 4th down at any point of the game when you are pastyour own 45 yard line.
    2) You may go for it on 4th down in the second half with 3:00 left in the 3rdquarter through the rest of the game if you are losing from anywhere on thefield

    6. Quitting Out


    I repeat, DO NOT QUIT OUT. Madden has decided to change it so that if you quitout of a game, you're opponent will NOT get the win/xp etc. It has to bereplayed. That should be common knowledge to the league by now. If you aregetting stomped then just stick with it and take your loss. If you have ANYcomplaints after the game and wish to have them addressed then please do thatafter the game while bringing any proof to the table at that time and it willbe dealt with.

    Now if you QUIT out of a game and don't have some excellent excuse then you'reopponent will get the CPU but your team will also be BOOTED for the week (notautopilot) so you will lose coaching XP. It's annoying to have people quit andforce the other team to have to play all over again.

    If you have an issue with the game (i.e. the other team running it up orwhatever it might be) then bring any and all evidence at the games conclusionand I will handle it.

    7. CPU Spamming rules: Applies only to User vs CPU games.

    Can only restart vs a CPU a maximum of 3x for any reasons. Must notify me ofthe reason for any restart.

    Max 250 Receiving Yards for any Receiver
    Max 250 Rushing Yards for any Running Back
    Max 500 Passing Yards for any Quarterback
    Max 4 sacks for any one player
    10 receptions for any one player

    Max 3 TDs for position players
    Max 5 TDs for Quarterbacks

    Only exception being that it is a close game and you had to do what you had toin order to win. However, you better damn well make sure it is a fuckingdogfight. If it's debatable on whether it was a close game or not there will beno debate. You will be punished.

    So, I don't have to make any judgement for punishments based on a violation ofthese rules I will make this shit clear up front. You will be suspended for 1game for any violation of these rules. There is zero margin for error. If yourush for 251 yards your ass will be punished. Hell, if somehow 250.1 shows upon the stat sheet you will be punished. If you break it by any margin you mightas well just go ahead and put your ass on auto for the next week.

    8. No custom Playbooks.

    II. Trading:

    New League Member Trade Restrictions:

    In addition, I will also be having all new members run their trades through meas well. There are a few of them to start the franchise this year and I don'twant some fucker coming in here cleaning out a team and leaving within 2 weekscause he gets bored or something. I originally said only through 4 weeks, but Iam updating that for the entire first season. After that I will determine ifthey are good enough on their own and can be taken off of the leash (Most will.It takes a rare breed like Adam to stay on the trade leash for long). It isboth for theirs and the leagues own good. Whoever reviews Adams deals willlikely also review my deals with these guys.

    1. All trades must be discussed publicly in the official league thread.

    - No backdoor trading (no trading via private message, facebook, skype,texting, google+, etc)

    2. There is NO limit on the number of trades you may complete per season withthe new salary cap function being added.

    3. You are now able to trade draft picks.

    II.B Free Agency


    1. I've noticed a good number of games having to be simmed in Season 1 and itsusually the same suspect(s). As a counter to that, I am putting a rule ineffect that was around in Madden 12/13 .

    If you have more than four games simmed or a game in which your opponent playedthe CPU, you will be unable to draft the following year. You will still getdraft picks but you cannot select them. Prior to the draft, I will put yourteam on auto pilot and the CPU will draft for you. So you won't be affected bynot getting players but rather not the ones you were gunning for.

    Please make sure you have time for this league. It's not fair to others that domake time for their games. If you don't have the time then I ask you pleasestep down so I can fill your team with an owner who does have the time.

    *Games simmed in the final two weeks becausethey are non-playoff related will not count towards this total.

    IIa: Salary Cap

    You have a salary cap to meet and maintain, so do it.

    III: Privacy Clauses/Thread Discussion/Harassment/Respect/Maturity Issues

    1. This is simple. Be mature about what you say and do. No posting peoplespersonal information/photos/dick pix without their prior approval. We are allgrown up here, lets act like it.

    III.A Broadcasting Games

    1. There is to be no public broadcasting of games via Justin.TV, Stickam,Skype---whatever without approval from BOTH participants in the said game,period. You may post clips/games after it has been completed but as stated, arenot allowed to live stream games without the consent of your opponent.

    IV. Punishments

    Will be dealt with on a case by case basis as they arise.

    VI. Advancements

    Advancements are EVERY 60 hours. However there are a few exceptions to thisrule:.

    a. League will advance if ALL games are in prior to the 60 hour rule

    b. League will advance if ALL games are in with the exception of one or two,this happens in the event there has been very little/no attempt atcontacting/scheduling with each other in this thread. This thread is used as amonitor to see who's active and who isn't. If you make very little attempt toschedule/play your game, the rest of the league will not be waiting on you andwe will advance.

    The best way to avoid this from happening is to set a concrete time with youropponent as soon as possible. Even if its 48 hours later. If you set up a timeand both agree to something, the league will wait for you. However, if it comesto be the last game and there has been little to no attempt to schedule thegame, I'm not going to hold up the rest of the league.

    c. User/CPU games are NEVER going to be the last game. If they are, it getsadvanced---period.

    d. If one user makes a solid attempt to contact his opponent and gets verylittle cooperation in return via no contact or piss poor scheduling times, theuser who made the attempt(s) will get to play the CPU. IE: The 24 hour rule.EFFORT MUST BE MADE TO REMAIN ACTIVE IN THE LEAGUE

    e.In an effort to speed up the league late in the season and get to the playoffs,weeks 16 and 17 advances will occur once all user-user games with CPU implicationsare in. We will not wait for games that have no impact on the playoff race atthis point in the season.
  2. foolton

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    Users: TBA
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    Team draft time?
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    New site, new motivation???

    Am I back???
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    does the quote system actually work? Are you alerted when you have a quote waiting?
  9. Yep. Although you get a notification every time someone posts in a thread you're following.
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    Oh fuck yeah. That should be a ton of fun during trade season!
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    You can turn that notification off in the notification settings area.
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    click on the alarm clock thing and click settings, you can choose when you get an alert
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    Yeah, just changed mine in the notifications. This definitely seems cleaner for mobile so maybe the league will survive here.
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    this is still a thing? glad to see this still going (kind of)
  16. GreatBeardRecs Apr 1, 2016
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    i'm getting the itch but know i need to abstain from picking up Madden for the CFM next season, unless they drastically add/upgrade features for the mode, one of my problems was how stale it started to feel through no fault of the league but the mode itself, bleh

    They need to rehaul structuring contracts, or having the ability to front/back/etc. load deals, even 2k5 had that built in.. although it could bring issues of users backloading everything... but just rehauling the size of the deals being doled out to more closely match irl.. an average QB in the NFL now makes around $15mil per season, build that in.
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    When is round 2 of the draft?
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    Would this be 17 or 16?
  19. Craig Ismaili

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    I've always wanted to play in this, but I play madden in such a way that I'd break the first three rules basically instantly.

    Or at least 1,3, and 4

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    Good luck to you guys keep going. I wish I had the time to continue
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    Pretty cool you don't need to find someone's post now you can just @ them like Twitter to quote them
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