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Anthony Green – “You’ll Be Fine” Video

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jul 13, 2016.

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    Anthony Green has released his video for “You’ll Be Fine.” Pre-orders for the new album, Pixie Queen, are now up.

    Track Listing

    1. You’ll Be Fine
    2. I’m Not Holding You Back
    3. Will It Be
    4. A Reason To Stay
    5. East Coast Winters
    6. Dawn On The Canal
    7. From What I Understand
    8. Cellar
    9. Better Half
    10. I’m Sorry For Everything I’ve Ever Done
    11. Pixie Queen

    July 13, 2016 – Philadelphia, PA – Anthony Green has released a new song and video for the first track off his upcoming album Pixie Queen, released September 9th. The song “You’ll Be Fine” is very special to Anthony, it is an introspective on how much his life has changed, he shares, “The song was put together with parts that I had since before James was born. I was terrified about being a bad father, and I knew I was a bad husband so I was dealing with a lot of fear around that.”
    The video was shot in one take, on the beach in Avalon, NJ and is a powerful and captivating statement Anthony wanted to share, directed by Andrew Swartz. Watch it now, HERE.

    This will be Green’s fourth solo album and he has partnered with long time friend and producer Will Yip, to release on his label Memory Music. You can now pre-order Pixie Queen HERE.

    In addition to the album release, Green will be heading out on an upcoming month-long solo tour. Kicking off on September 2nd in Boston, MA and wrapping on October 1st in Green’s home-base of Philadelphia, PA, the “Pixie Queen Tour” will include 22 shows across the United States, with special guests Mat Kerekes and Secret Space.

    Fans can purchase tickets and special VIP bundles now, here: For $50, the VIP bundle includes one general admission ticket, a photo opportunity, a signed 18 x 24 poster, a commemorative laminate, plus a three-song pre-show intimate acoustic set. For more information, please visit

    Anthony Green first began his solo career in 2008 with the release of his debut LP, Avalon. Since then, he has gone on to release a handful of acclaimed albums, including 2012’s Beautiful Things, which peaked at No. 27 on the Billboard 200 chart, and 2013’s Young Legs, which charted at No. 67. This September,the Pixie Queen Tour will usher in a brand new era for the prolific musician.

    Pennsylvania natives Green and Yip have been working together for years on music, so it made perfect sense for them to partner for the release of Pixie Queen. Yip had the vision of keeping everything under one roof, harkening back to the days of Motown, where the album was written, produced, mixed, mastered and released all within the same team. Memory Music is home to releases created in the legendary Philadelphia-area recording house, Studio 4. Yip, who has produced and engineered albums for Lauryn Hill, Title Fight, Circa Survive, Balance + Composure, La Dispute and Pianos Become the Teeth, launched the label in 2015 to highlight the community of artists he’s built around his studio and the overall vibe generated by the studio space. Each release reflects the uniqueness of Studio 4’s room and the way each artist uses it differently, creating varied albums that all carry a cohesive thread of their creative environment and Yip’s touch.

  2. Dang I forgot how much I love his solo work
  3. skogsraet

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    I'm not a fan of the album title but I hope this is as good as I think it'll be
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  4. Loved Young Legs, very much enjoy this. Looking forward to it!
  5. Michael Qualiano


    This song is incredible
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  6. WetwithSharp Jul 13, 2016
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    and a little jingle...

    Why is half the press release about Yip and his studio(most albums that have come from it sound flat imo).

    Not a bad video, fairly simple. I assume it's an analogy for his addictions trying to pull him back in.

    Love this man.

    Some of these songs have been out for ages already. "I'm sorry for everything I've done", "East Coast Winters", "better half", etc.

    I'm hyped "East Coast Winters" is on the album. I hope he doesnt change it much, I love this version

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  7. WetwithSharp

    and a little jingle...

    He named the last one after his kids, so this one's named after Meredith(his wife)...that's his nickname for her.
  8. Always have loved Anthony's work in other bands but have somehow managed to entirely avoid listening to any of his solo releases
  9. Anansi


    Is it just me or is his voiced really low in the mix?
  10. finnyscott

    I'm from New York. No, not the city.

    Wow I love this. Never listened to his solo stuff before.
  11. This is so good! Bummed his Philly show is same night as Bear vs. Shark :concerned:
  12. disambigujason

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    i usually can't get too into his solo work but i like this
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  13. coleslawed

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    It's one paragraph, and it also talks about the label that is putting the album out, which is run by Yip.
  14. SpyKi

    You must fix your heart Supporter

    I love this song and I love the album title.
  15. Stage Banter

    A music review podcast.

    Were the GOW dudes involved in this release? I hadn't heard anything.
  16. Gooddayz

    always and forever

    Oh yeah I totally forgot about this. East Coast Winters is sooo good!
  17. Give Avalon a listen, it's a wonderful, wonderful album
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  18. nalabird4


    This is very good. I believe we havn't seen the best of Anthony yet, in all his projects. He's been awesome in both Circa and Saosin here recently and this song is great.
  19. skogsraet

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    That's sweet, I like it better for that. Anthony's super open about his personal life through social media, which is weird to me because I don't want to see someone's family pictures if I don't know them, but it definitely gives context to his solo project since it's so autobiographical.

    I love how much support and interest Anthony Green still generates, whether it's Circa, Saosin or solo. I feel like he's one of the few veterans of the genre who's not only respected but still prolific as an artist and it's great to see how his years of work in the industry have paid off, at least in terms of the fanbase he has.
  20. Bartek T.

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    I think so, I haven't read any confirmation or so, but it does have the "Young Legs" sound after all! ..I'm only dissapointed it has all of the b-sides he put out, one would be enough, but yeah if it fits the context of the album, then it's just his choice. Loving that first single for sure, the chorus hits hard!
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  21. Stage Banter

    A music review podcast.

    I'm glad I've only casually followed his solo stuff after Beautiful Things—all those demos and b-sides are new to me! haha.
  22. Bartek T.

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    That's one plus side hehe ;D but I don't regret it, I would feel I'm missing out, and hopefully on the album we'll get new versions of those songs - they were pretty minimalstic before.
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  23. Stage Banter

    A music review podcast.

    Yeah, I hope so! Loved the piano on Young LEgs, and it seems like we might get much more on this release.
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