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Anthony Bourdain Passes Away

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jun 8, 2018.

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    Anthony Bourdain has passed away. He was 61. The New York Times reports:

    Mr. Bourdain spent two decades in restaurant kitchens, at first shucking oysters and cleaning dishes in a Cape Cod seafood shack and later serving high-end meals in Manhattan, before accepting a friend’s offer to fly him to Mexico if he agreed to write a novel. It was the start of a second act as an author and then a host, redefining the staid genres of food writing and food-tourism shows with an inquisitive but profane bad-boy image that endeared him to fellow chefs, restaurant-goers and travelers.

    This one really hurts.

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  2. Justice Beaver

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    Heart is broken. Lost a really good one.

    It's chaos, be kind.
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  4. Justice Beaver

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    Anthony Bourdain ate at a restaurant from my childhood. Half my family is from Indonesia and I grew up trying to hide a lot of that part of my life from my American classmates. Watching Bourdain eat at this humble Indonesian restaurant and to speak so highly of it really helped me feel proud of my heritage. He was a great ally for humanity.

    Also this:

    I'm just absolutely at a loss. I wouldn't be a writer, traveler, or a cook without him.
  5. Saephon


    My girlfriend and I have been binge-watching food documentaries for the past month, many of them featuring or narrated by Anthony Bourdain. I feel like I've lost a friend that I hung out with just the other day.
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  6. web250

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  7. Ska Senanake


    RIP to a good man. Depression is no joke people. Please get help if you need it. You are not alone.
  8. bptky

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    Can't stop thinking about the world losing such a good human being yesterday. This one doesn't feel like your typical celebrity passing. It's amazing that most of us have never met him, yet we all acknowledge Tony as if he's a close friend, someone who understands us and we respected and idolized in return. The guy had the uncanny ability to find the common denominators between vastly different people, and simply make us less scared of unfamiliar cultures. We need more people like him around.
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