ANOHNI - HOPELESSNESS (May 6, 2016) Album

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    01 Drone Bomb Me
    02 4 Degrees
    03 Watch Me
    04 Execution
    05 I Don't Love You Anymore
    06 Obama
    07 Violent Men
    08 Why Did You Separate Me from the Earth?
    09 Crisis
    10 Hopelessness
    11 Marrow

    Idk if we can embed Apple Music videos but here is Drone Bomb Me which just dropped. Watch “Drone Bomb Me” posted by ANOHNI on Apple Music.
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    *Future voice* Where my friends was at when I was talking bout good music?

    Drone Bomb Me got obvious bnt. I like it way more than 4 Degrees. Album will slay.
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    yoooo i was just about to make this thread
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    What do you think of the new track?????
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    its excellent, i am still surprised at how well her voice pairs with hudmo sometimes, but i guess when she is writing lyrics with as much heft and weight as these she needs something kinda mammoth to pair it with. im not super familair with her work as antony and the johnsons but i feel like she has really expanded her voice into a new breadth with these tracks. it just feels so imperative to listen to.
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    I have only listened to the one Johnsons album (whatever one closes with Bird Girl, a perfect song imo). I like the way her voice sounded there but it feels so much more powerful over this production. I love how it is so distinctly her but the production is still so clearly HudMo. I'm curious to see if/how experimental some of the other tracks might get.
  8. Chaplain Tappman

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    I'm really looking forward to hearing a bit more of Lopatin in some of these, like i can hear traces and stuff but so far it feels very definitively hudmo.
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    Idk if I've ever heard Lopatin produce for someone else so I'm definitely curious about that. Interested to see full credits when it drops. Would be cool if they got some of their other collaborators on here somewhere.
  10. Chaplain Tappman

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    actually - and you might lose it over this - apparently he helped produce autre ne veut's anxiety Oneohtrix Point Never - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    i cant wait for this
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  15. Wharf Rat

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    what up

    oh yeah im here for this esp if lopatin is on it
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    Such a good read. I can't wait to hear this album.
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    Anxiety came out on Lopatin's label (along with a ton of other great records)

    My anticipation for this and LUH is through the roof.
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    It's here fam. Just got through the first two tracks so now on to the new stuff.
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    Heard it was in 160kps tho
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  22. brandon_260 Prestigious

    Album is pretty great. Think Drone Bomb Me is still my favorite. Need lyrics though.
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    this twet is about this album

    in case anyone needed more reason to check it out.
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    what the hell

    i like this album
  25. Wharf Rat

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    the on-the-nose-ness of the lyrics was a little off putting at first but it makes sense in the context of urgency that is kind of the point of the whole record
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