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Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by Snoblin, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. I think 00 is the only Gundam series I actually completed and it was really good. I've heard plenty of great things about Wing, though. Everything else from these past two decades, I've heard, was sort of meh. I'm actually not a big mecha fan, despite the fact that a lot of them snuck into my top 10.
  2. Don't remember much about Wing other than it was one of the series that was on most often when I was first watching anime on Toonami as a kid
  3. tucah

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    Jojo Part 4 Episode 1 was just as good as I hoped, love this part of the series.
  4. v intrigued by this phoenix wright anime but never played the game
  5. Shakriel

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    Kind of fell off last season, despite enjoying a bunch of shows, like Erased and Dimension W. Need to finish those up, but probably after I check out the new series. I am really bad at finishing shit.
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  6. Viva Sonata Prestigious

    You're better off watching a play through of the first game. The anime is quite poor.
  7. I've just started Samurai Flamenco recently and goddamn this show has taken a turn. Very enjoyable nonetheless thus far.
  8. aranea

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  9. Space Patrol Luluco, the new Trigger short, had a very fun Trigger-esque first episode
  10. sdnyjns

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    Fooly Cooly is getting two more season from Production I.G. and Toonami? Any fans here?
  11. sdnyjns

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    Also, One Punch Man is the GOAT.
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  12. I'm a huge fan, but somewhat skeptical about the sequel. My expectations are modest.
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  13. FLCL is one of my favorite series ever so I don't expect the new material to blow it out of the water or anything but I will of course watch it nonetheless.

    Old favorites getting modern updates is always a wild card - apparently Sailor Moon Crystal is supposed to be better this season. Also tentatively optimistic about Berserk, I know people love to complain about CGI so I hope that doesn't bring it down too much although I personally really don't care.

    Also wanted an excuse to post the new Sailor Moon transformations
  14. thischarmingman

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    original FLCL is my favorite anime of all time so i'm pretty much bracing myself for disappointment. i kinda hope that they age the series with the kids who watched it way back when, like dealing with adulthood/career/depression kinds of stuff.
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  15. hallowblue

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    Everyone keeps telling me to watch it, but my students (I teach in Japan) aren't into it for some reason.
  16. SpyKi

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    they cray. Watch it.
  17. iirc it's a new story with a new protagonist similarly-aged to naota but takes place years in the future. so it remains to be seen whether we'll stick to the coming-of-age stuff we did in the first season, maybe naota's relegated to an amaro-esque role or something i dunno
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  18. StepsInADance

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    back from my trip finally get to see some of the new season stuff that's out, will watch boku no hero and jojo. what's up with that bear show? anyone seen it?
  19. sdnyjns

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    Fair enough, haha.
  20. sdnyjns

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    I just bought the blu-ray of it and watched it maybe 3 times in the past month or so. I remember enjoying it a lot as a kid, but I appreciated it so much more now as an adult since I can relate to the themes.
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  21. sdnyjns

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    First, I'm jealous that you live in Japan :-p
    Second, it's an insanely good, funny take on superheroes. The dialogue is very quick and witty and the characterization of Saitama, the main character, is incredibly refreshing as he's just a simple man who also happens to be a superhero. The action scenes were directed by the same guy that did the Hunter x Hunter (2011) fight sequences. I cannot recommend it enough to everyone. Probably one of the funniest TV shows I've watched in a long time.
  22. hallowblue

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    Yeah I've heard nothing but good things, I'll check it out. - It's surprisingly not big here though.
  23. StepsInADance

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    one punch man's action sequences are beautiful. i actually got to the last episode and never finished it, not hard to guess how the ending will play out.
  24. sdnyjns

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    I have read on various forums that OPM is much more popular here in the West.
  25. sdnyjns

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    Oh dude, you have to watch the last episode. The fight with Boros is worth every minute. The last episode is probably my favorite.