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Discussion in 'Tour Forum' started by Daniel182, Apr 29, 2019.

  1. bluecharliedeltaecho


    Hoping Boston gets a second date if not a bigger venue. :worried:
  2. Brent

    Ready When You Are Supporter

    No. To at least the larger venue.
  3. j0hnnyb0i


    I have a feeling Boston is going to get the larger venue and nyc gonna get the extra date, if you notice there’s an off day in between the Boston and nyc date on sept 16
  4. withchappedlips


    did this band intentionally choose venues smaller than their appeal? i bet a lot of these shows are moved to larger rooms considering just how much demand there is.
  5. m32137


    Orlando appears to have sold out now.
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  6. SaveTheEarth

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    I feel like they just underestimated themselves and wanted to take a very "play it safe" approach. Glad it's selling out, they deserve it!
  7. SaveTheEarth

    Lucipurr Supporter

    Hell yeah. Orlando is also one of the larger HOB's.
  8. cricketandclover

    Things have changed.

    I feel like 1,500-2,500 cap rooms are what people should expect them to play.
  9. sam_might_say

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    Hey San Diegans (or all SoCal people if you wanna make the trip) AVA is playing the Del Mar racetrack at the end of August. Free with race admission

    Angels & Airwaves
  10. Jason Tolpin


    How interesting. Love the Paradise for shows, easy to get to, in and out via T, etc....
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