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  1. Jdaniels


    I would have loved television or watch the sky,but resolution was absolutely amazing.
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  2. Greg

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  3. EASheartsVinyl


    Oh my god, if he doesn’t play She Paints Me Blue in Norfolk I will never forgive him. I’ve been to too many tours where he stops playing my favorite song like two dates before mine. Unacceptable!!
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  4. K0ta

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    Wow are we really getting She Paints Me Blue in 2019?? Andrew outdid himself with this setlist, it's mint.
  5. Nate_Johnson

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    I’ll be in Raleigh tonight! Come hang out!!!
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  6. Greg

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    Yea, he really knows how to put together a set to please long time fans.

    There will always be different songs I want, my only real want from the set would have been to drop the cover for any song of his and a little less from Zombies in favor of one or two more from the self titled.

    Otherwise I was incredibly happy with the set and love that I got to hear a lot of different songs for the first time live.

    I just couldn’t care less about a cover. They played it fine and the crowd seemed to dig it. I know I’m an outlier when it comes to covers being played at shows though.
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  7. Nate_Johnson

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    Flor is a band to be reckoned with.
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  8. Lex

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    I don't care for covers either. I am coming out to see the artist for their music. Unless you are an opener and want people to be able to sing along with you, don't have much of your own material, or are making a special dedication, I don't see the point.
    I agree with needing more from the s/t. I would happily swap "Island Radio" (he's been playing it a lot it seems) for any song off the first record. But we'll see what he plays when I see him Friday.
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  9. EASheartsVinyl


    He’s always done weird or unexpected covers, like I’m talking basically every tour for as long as I’ve been seeing him. The Cher cover is also really beautifully done and fun so I don’t mind it at all.

    Show tonight was incredible. The stage setup is so much bigger and crazier and it worked well to make it seem like a bigger room than it was.

    AND he played She Paints Me Blue so I didn’t have to strangle him afterwards. I’m so stoked to have that crossed off the bucket list.
  10. David87

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    We’re going tonight and I just now checked some of the set lists you guys posted...are we getting MFEO in the encore no matter what?! I will be so so happy about thag
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  11. SEANoftheDEAD

    Super amped for the show in Philly tonight! Never been to the Met but it looks beautiful - going to be an amazing night. Also looking forward to seeing Flor, been really digging them lately.
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  12. Nate_Johnson

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    They played it in NC.
  13. Nate_Johnson

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    Flor are fantastic and their frontman is really engaging and fun. They sound 10x better live than they do on the album.
  14. EASheartsVinyl


    I was really surprised by Flor, that was a great set. A lot of his openers haven’t been my style in the last few years.
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  15. Nate_Johnson

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    Grizfolk are very good as well but at my date they didn’t interact with the crowd much.
  16. quietwords

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    Seeing the tour Tuesday in Boston, then doing VIP for Connecticut that Friday. I've never been so excited while also feeling extreme guilt for my decision, haha
  17. lifestartsmusic

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    What have set times been looking like for people who already have gone to this tour??
  18. EASheartsVinyl


    Norfolk was roughly:

    Grizfolk: 7-7:30
    Flor: 7:50-8:30
    Andrew: 9-11

    I’m thrilled that he’s lengthening his sets. I get so tired of bands with 8 albums playing 18 songs forever.
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  19. K0ta

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    My show is Sunday and I am :scream:so excited. Even more excited that he's coming to the island and I don't have to take the train into the city :ok::ok:
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  20. SEANoftheDEAD

    Does anyone know if Grizfolk opens every night? I'm trying my best to get there when the show starts but really wanna see Flor and AM.
  21. Nate_Johnson

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    Yes, they do
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  22. SEANoftheDEAD

  23. Greg

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    I believe so...
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  24. marissalg

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    I feel like every time I see Andrew he puts together the most perfect set list. I didn’t read about the encore so I was so pleasantly surprised. This is by far the best crowd of his I’ve seen too. Everyone knew pretty much every song no matter what project it was from.
  25. SEANoftheDEAD

    Were you at the Philly date? I thought the same thing - everyone knew every word of every song in the set. Was a fantastic experience.